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PERFORMER Dave Coulier
DEBUT 1990

Although Janice was not a regular character on Muppet Babies, she did make an appearance in one episode during the show's last season, in "Whose Tale Is It, Anyway?"

This younger version of Janice wasn't a toddler like the rest of the babies, but closer to preschool age. She was bigger and older than the other Muppet Babies, and could read. Unlike her adult puppet counterpart, Baby Janice could open her eyes and had visible pupils. She also lacked her distinctive purple eye shadow. However, she still had her valley-girl personality.

In the episode, Bean Bunny had met Janice a week before the other babies. When Bean wanted someone to read his favorite story, Peter Rabbit, Janice said that she would do it, as she was the only one who could read. Piggy became jealous and pretended that she could read, even though she really couldn't, and the other babies entered the story-book world, re-enacting the different versions of the story.