Alan E. O'Day and Janis R. Liebhart

Janis Liebhart, Jim Henson and Alan O'Day.

Janis Smile

Janis Liebhart

Janis Liebhart, with songwriting partner Alan O'Day, wrote nearly 100 songs for Muppet Babies, both for use on the television show and in the stage show Jim Henson's Muppet Babies Live!. She and O'Day also composed the song "Elmo Didn't Mean To" for Sesame Street's 43rd season.

She and Alan O'Day have collaborated on several other occasions, the most significant being a series of children's videos for National Geographic where the pair also produced and performed. She has also worked as a vocalist on several other recordings, most recently on Neil Young's "Living With War" and Ringo Starr's latest release, "Y Not." She toured as a backing vocalist for Michael Bolton for 19 years; and earlier with the "Righteous Brothers" and "The Moody Blues" in the late '80s. From 2002 - 2006 she and a partner started a designing company, Dandelines, Inc., where they produced dinnerware decorated with witty phrases and sleek designs on glass. More recently Janis has written for other film and t.v. features, including the theme song for Universal's feature release "Undercover Brother" with Stanley Clarke. With Danny Jacob, she's written special Disney material for their show Kim Possible and the theme for "The Emperor's New School."

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