Romero with Lily.

Jasmine Romero is an actress who initially auditioned for Sesame Street during their open casting call in August 2012 for a new, Hispanic cast member. Portions of her audition and callback were featured in the "Sesame Street's Search for a New Hispanic Neighbor" videos on SesameStreet's YouTube Channel. (YouTube)

Though she did not receive the part, she did end up portraying Sofía in the 2013 Sesame Street outreach video Little Children, Big Challenges: Incarceration. Romero later played Sofía in two series of online videos for Sesame Street in Communities initiatives on traumatic experiences (2017) and homelessness (2018).

On the show itself, she provided the voice of a Peruvian Penguin in Episode 4404[1] and appeared as Mrs. Sanchez in Episode 4515.[2]


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