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Alexander on Muppets Tonight

Jason Alexander (b. 1959) is an actor, best known for his role as George Costanza on Seinfeld (1989-98). He won a Tony Award in 1989 for Best Actor in a Musical for Jerome Robbins' Broadway.

Alexander provided voices for several characters on Dinosaurs in 1991 -- Gus Molehill, the Job Wizard, Sexual Harris, General H. Norman Conquest, and UFO! Host, among others.

He guest starred on Muppets Tonight in 1996 (episode 108). He and his Seinfeld costars were also spoofed on the show in the Seinfeld Babies skit.

Alexander appeared on Sesame Street in Season 28, in an episode that first aired December 31, 1996. In this segment, he played a man waiting for a bus, but misses it when he ends up playing "A Very Simple Dance" with Big Bird and the kids. As stated in Sesame Street Parents:

Appearing on Sesame Street was quite a treat for Jason Alexander. "There's a certain immortality to it," says the costar of Seinfeld and father of five-year-old Gabriel and one-year-old Noah. "Sesame Street has been on for over twenty-five years, and I'm sure it'll be on for many more -- that little piece of tape will probably outlive me!" It's also a sure way to get Gabriel to catch his father's act. "Unless a performance is specifically for kids or has music in it, he's not really interested," Alexander confesses...

When the actor flew to New York City to tape his Sesame Street segment, Gabriel came along to watch. "Gabe was totally enthralled with the Muppets," says Alexander. "He even got to meet Big Bird!" As for Gabriel's dad, he has always been fascinated with the show. "It's a wonderful example of how you can bring fundamental education to children in an entertaining way," he notes. "The trick is to make it fun so the audience doesn't realize it's learning."

Alexander hosted the 2006 edition of PBS' A Capitol Fourth, in which Elmo was one of the headliners.

Jeff Marx and Bobby Lopez's 1999 treatment for the unproduced Kermit, Prince of Denmark listed Alexander as a possible Claudius.


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