Jason and hooper

Kingsley with Will Lee.

Jason Kingsley (b. 1974) is the son of writer Emily Perl Kingsley. He made his first appearance in 1975,[1] and according to the book Street Gang, Kingsley appeared in over 50 episodes of Sesame Street.

Kingsley appeared in several Muppet & Kid Moments. He also co-wrote the lyrics to "Count Me In" with his mother. In 2004, his contribution to My Favorite Sesame Street Moments aired before Episode 4072.

Jason Kingsley is the co-author with Marshall Levitz of Count Us In: Growing Up With Down Syndrome. In 1997, he appeared alongside Chris Boyd in a Down syndrome-themed episode of Touched by an Angel.


Cookie Monster asks Jason to read a sign that says "Dog".
Ernie and Jason talk about words that end with "At", including "cat", "hat", and "sat".
Ernie and Jason look at a mirror.
Jason and Cookie Monster spell the word "love".


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