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The Chops spoof also appeared on a French postcard.

Piggy's beach reading.

Muppet Diary 1980

Piggy and "Jaws".

1999 calendar.


Jaws music in Rocky Mountain Holiday

Jaws music in Rocky Mountain Holiday.

Kermit's impersonation of Jaws.


Jaws is a 1975 thriller directed by Steven Spielberg, with music by John Williams. The first blockbuster of its kind was based on a best-selling 1964 novel by Peter Benchley set in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. The plot of the film centers around a town sheriff who finds himself in a new job just as a great white shark begins to terrorize the waters of a local beach.

Despite the film's reputation for decreasing beach attendance in the years following its release, Jaws spawned several sequels and video games, and has been subject to a number of spoofs and parodies in its honor.


  • Miss Piggy can be seen at the beach reading a book called "JOWLS" in a 1978 Swedish trading card, the cover of which features a parody of the Jaws poster.
  • The score for a scene with Gonzo sneaking up on Rowlf underwater in Rocky Mountain Holiday spoofs Williams' famous two-note motif. The home video release replaced this music with something more generic.
  • In Episode 2660, Oscar dives for fish skeletons in his swimming pool. He paraphrases the Jaws 2 tagline, saying, "And just when I thought it was safe to go back into the trash can." The scene is punctuated by a Jaws-style musical sting.
  • In a "Bay of Pigswatch" sketch from episode 101 of Muppets Tonight, Miss Piggy and a shark share an exchange similar to a scene from the beginning of the Spielberg film. Again, Williams' score is very loosely interpreted for dramatic effect.
  • A Brief History of Motion Pictures features a shark who chases several characters, underscored by the Williams motif. As a twister approaches, he looks to the camera and says, "Just when I thought it was safe!," paraphrasing the famous tagline used to promote the theatrical release of Jaws 2.
  • The music was again referenced on Sesame Street in a series of live-action shorts in which the camera films a pool full of children from underwater and builds up to a climax with the Jaws theme to reveal a letter of the alphabet.
  • Elmo makes his hand into a shark fin and makes it swim from below the frame while the Williams' motif plays in Elmo's World: Hands.
  • Dorothy imagines Elmo as a construction worker in Elmo's World: Open and Closed. Elmo addresses the "jaws" portion of a vehicle when attempting to pick up a teddy bear. Although the term appears coincidental, John Williams' two-note motif from the film is referenced in the underscore for the scene.
  • A video created for Disney Xtreme Digital features Kermit's impression of Jaws as he pans his open mouth past the bottom of the frame. Williams' two-note motif is used to accent the impression.
  • The waiting queue at Muppet*Vision 3D features a parody poster of Die Hard. It quotes the tagline from the original promotional campaign from Jaws 2: "Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water..."
  • In the Muppet Babies episode "I Want My Muppet T.V.," Baby Animal attacks his friends in a cardboard box boat with a fin attached to his back and announces himself as "Animal Jaws" before he takes a bite out of their boat.
  • When a shark approaches Baby (mer)-Bear and Telly underwater in Sesame Street Episode 4049, they're scared by his accompanied music, a parody of the Jaws theme.
  • During a June 12, 2012 appearance on the London radio program Heart Breakfast, Pepe says that his favorite movie is Jaws.
  • A portion of the Jaws theme is incorporated into the melody of "Between You and Me" when a shark appears.
  • In Episode 4049 of Sesame Street, a pastiche of the Jaws theme plays when an alphabet shark swims on the scene.
  • In a 2017 Vanity Fair video, Oscar the Grouch utters "You're gonna need a bigger boat," a famous line from the film uttered by Roy Scheider's Chief Brody.
  • A parody of the movie poster featuring Cookie Monster titled "Gnaws," was posted on Sesame Streetโ€™s Facebook page in June 2017. The caption referenced dialogue from the film: "Hey Captain? Weโ€™re going to need a bigger cookieโ€ฆ #FirstDayofSummer #ShareTheLaughter"
  • Appearing on HQ Trivia in January 2018, Bert helped the host deliver a question about film scores that prominently use the tuba. When Jaws was revealed as the answer, Bert set to profile at the bottom of the screen to mimic the shark moving through the water from the movie.


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