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Jeg gik mig over sø og land ("I walked across lakes and land") is an old Danish children's singing game.

The song is normally song were all the children are standing in one big circle and they walk as they sing the first part of the song. Then the lyrics say that they meet an old man that asks them where they come from, the reply changes for each verse and normally the children themselves come up with ideas from were they are from. Typical places include; jumping country, kissing country, running country, clapping country, talking country and waving country. After a place has been decided, everyone does the thing that corresponds to the place they selected and then the song starts over.

Dorothy told Elmo that it would be a good stunt monster song in Sesamgade episode14. In the song stunt monster Elmo came from; driving really fast country, falling country and jumping across volcano country. At the end Signe suggest that they could be from chocolate-coated marshmallow treats country.

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