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DC Jen 3839.jpg
PERFORMER Jim Henson puppeteer
  Stephen Garlick voice
DEBUT 1982
DESIGN Brian Froud designer
  Wendy Midener designer/builder

Jen is the protagonist of The Dark Crystal. Raised by the Mystics in their valley, Jen believed that he was the last survivor of the Gelfling species. But when his dying master sent him on a quest, he met Kira and discovered he was not alone.

Polly Smith, Barbara Davis, and Ellis Duncan served as associate costume designers for both Jen and Kira (and the Podlings). The fabrication team was Leigh Donaldson, Mike Osborn, and David Blazer. In certain stunt scenes, the character was a full-body puppet performed by Kiran Shah.

Since 2015, the full-bodied Jen puppet is on display at the Center for Puppetry Arts as part of their permanent Worlds of Puppetry exhibit.