Jessica Simon

Jessica Simon is a puppeteer and a puppet designer and builder.

She has performed at the Puppeteers of America Festival, has received a UNIMA Citation of Excellence and support from the Jim Henson Foundation, and was selected as an "Emerging Artist" at the O'Neill Puppetry Conference and as a "Catapult Artist" at the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival.

In 2015, she was awarded a workshop grant from the Jim Henson Foundation for her show "Ruby & Charlie," and in 2018 she was awarded The Jim Henson Foundation's puppetry residency at the Euguene O'Neill Theater Center for the show. [1][2]

As a puppet fabricator she has worked with The Jim Henson Company, Rick Lyon Puppets, Puppet Kitchen, Furry Puppet Studio, and Transformed Puppet. She was credited as part of Jim Henson's Creature Shop for "puppets, costumes and props" on Sesame Street starting in Season 48.

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