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Jim Henson Animating

While Jim Henson was best known for his work in the field of puppetry, namely that of the Muppets and later his Creature Shop, Henson also produced many experimental films, short subjects and other projects that utilized a range of film making techniques - including stop-motion, computer, cut paper, and paint animation as well as live action.

Back in the sixties, I thought of myself as an experimental filmmaker. I was interested in the visual image for its own sake―different ways of using it―quick cutting and things of that sort. I loved what one could do with the montaging of visual images, so I was playing with that in several experimental projects.
Jim Henson[1]

Below is a listing of Henson's many experimental films and various short subjects, including his live action telefilms, independent short films, Sesame Street inserts, and other film projects; this list does not include Henson's numerous Muppet and Creature Shop projects.


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