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Written by Kathleen Krull
Illustrator Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher
Published 2011
Publisher Random House
Pages 35
ISBN 0375857214

Sample artwork

Jim Henson: The Guy Who Played with Puppets is a 2011 biography for children (ages 4-8) about the life and work of Jim Henson; it was released as a 40-page hardcover book.


Provided by the publisher:

β€œSesame Street and The Muppet Show introduced Jim Henson's Muppets to the world, making Kermit the Frog, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, and Cookie Monster household names. But even as a child in rural Mississippi, listening to the radio and putting on comedy shows for his family, Jim had recognized the power of laughter to bring people together. On Sesame Street, Jim's Muppets transformed children's television by making learning fun for kids everywhere. A visionary in his field, Jim always believed that puppets could reach a wider audience. In 1976, he proved it, drawing millions of family viewers worldwide to The Muppet Show. With his feature film The Dark Crystal and his Star Wars characters β€” including Yoda β€” Jim continued to push the boundaries of what was possible in puppetry until his death in 1990, at the age of fifty-three.”


  • The publisher's description erroneously includes Yoda amongst Henson's characters.
  • An illustration on page 27 depicts Henson as the puppeteer of Oscar the Grouch. Although this is inaccurate (Caroll Spinney was Oscar's performer), Henson performed him once in Sesame Street Episode 0084, but it was when the character was still orange.

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