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Written by Christopher Finch
Published 1993
Publisher Random House
ISBN 0679412034

Jim Henson: The Works is a hard-cover coffee-table style examination of Jim Henson, focusing primarily on his career as a puppeteer and filmmaker, with occasional examinations of his personal life. Author Christopher Finch's previous book, Of Muppets and Men, focused on the making of The Muppet Show, only briefly touching on the history of the Muppets as a whole. The Works is a comprehensive follow-up volume, starting with Jim Henson's childhood and going all the way up through the most recent productions of the Henson Company after Jim's passing -- including the most recent production at the time, The Muppet Christmas Carol.

At the end of the book, Finch explains the book's genesis:

β€œThis book has been more than a decade in the making. Jim Henson first discussed it with me in the early 1980s, when the Muppets were at the height of their success. He emphasized, however, that it was a long-term project. He felt his career had not yet reached a point that justified such a book, explaining that there were too many things he still wanted to do. But he added that I should expect a call one day.

He mentioned the project a couple of times over the next several years, but the call did not come until 1990. It arrived in the form of a telephone message that said, 'I think this is the right time to do the book we talked about. I hope you'll be available in the near future and that we can get together soon to talk about it.' Less than a week later, he was dead.”


The book was published without an index; see: Book Indexes ~ Jim Henson: The Works


  • Page 16 incorrectly identifies Hank and Omar; their labels should be switched.
  • On page 58, it's said that Richard Hunt "joined the Sesame Street troupe in 1970", while the timeline section says that Richard Hunt joined the company in 1972.
  • On page 105, Foo-Foo is misspelled as "Fou-Fou".
  • On page 246, it's incorrectly claimed that Kevin Clash joined the company in 1986. Clash had actually joined in 1984, after having a number of occasional performing jobs since 1979.
  • The front cover shows Kermit looking out through a hole torn in paper (see picture at top of this page). The back cover shows Kermit as viewed from behind, but the shape of the hole and the position of his hands do not match the front cover.

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