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  • In his earliest pitch for The Muppet Show in the summer of 1969, in lieu of a celebrity guest for the first episode (initially proposing Danny Kaye), Henson considered hosting the show himself, "in a low-key, unperformer way a la Ernie Kovacs."[2]
  • Henson filmed scenes for the Sesame Street "Numerosity" film series with himself as the recurring professor figure. Ultimately, a different actor was chosen.[3]
  • An onscreen cameo by Henson was taped for The Muppet Show: Sex and Violence, where Jim introduces Nigel before they segue into the first conference room scene. The cameo was cut for time before the special went to air.[4][5]
  • An early screenplay draft for The Great Muppet Caper called for Henson to play the man the main trio meet when they land in Great Britain.[6]

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