JoLee TV Entertainment is a production company from New York City, created in 1997 by writer/director/producer Joseph Pipher.

According to their site: "JoLee TV’s primary activity is developing and producing quality children’s shows. The company also produces programming and TV spot productions, documentary, and promotional video. Over the past years Joseph "Joe" Piper and JoLee TV has won or been nominated for nearly every conceivable international and national award for excellence in children’s programming."

JoLee produces most Sesame Educational Outreach Partner productions Sesame Street Beginnings... Talk, Read, Write (Prudential), Music Works Wonders (International Music Products Association), Happy, Healthy, Ready for School! (PNC), and Sesame Street Goes to the Doctor.

They've also produced the video A Magical Halloween Adventure.

Recently, JoLeeTV worked with Sesame Workshop on the 2006 special When Parents Are Deployed.

JoLeeTV also worked on The Get Healthy Now Show and Learning is Everywhere for Sesame Workshop, which both premiered in 2007.

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