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Garrick in 1956

Joan Garrick (b. ca. 1932) is a British puppeteer, puppet builder, and animator. She worked on The Great Muppet Caper as a Muppet designer/builder, followed by work in the foam latex department on Creature Shop films including The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.

Garrick had been a puppeteer in British TV since the 1950s, performing in televised puppet plays and helping to puppeteer ventriloquist dummy Archie Andrews (previously on radio) on TV. She worked on the series Space Patrol, opening footage for the second episode of Telegoons (a puppet version of The Goon Show), and puppeteered science-fiction worms for a 1966 Out of the Unknown anthology episode "The Machine Stops." She worked on fabrication for the film Little Shop of Horrors.

Between puppetry assignments, Garrick worked occasionally in animation, contributing to documentary shorts and the series Bananaman.

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