Stevenson and Jerry Juhl on the set of Fraggle Rock.

Jocelyn Stevenson's career with the Henson Company started with writing several Muppet-based children's books. She then went on to work as one of the co-creators and writers for Fraggle Rock. After that, Jim Henson asked her to develop the script for The Tale of the Bunny Picnic,[1] and would later work on Sesame Street and Henson's Mopatop's Shop and The Hoobs, both produced for the UK.

Her other television work includes Barney & Friends and The Magic School Bus. She wrote the television scripts for the Funny Bones series of books and created the character of Charlie Chalk. Between 2003 and 2006, she was the executive producer for Thomas & Friends and Pingu, all currently in ownership of HIT Entertainment. She subsequently worked for Mind Candy, the company behind Moshi Monsters, overseeing their film and television productions, including the 2013 UK and Ireland theatrical release of Moshi Monsters: The Movie.

Stevenson received a BAFTA Special Award at the 2015 British Academy Children's Awards ceremony on November 22. Prior to this event, she did an interview for the BBC Breakfast News.[2]



Stevenson writing a script for a Fraggle Rock episode on her Apple computer.


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