Joe Namath meeting Big Bird on the set of Sesame Street in 1972.

Joe Namath (b. 1943) is a Hall of Fame quarterback who played in the American Football League and National Football League during the 1960s and 1970s. He played for the New York Jets for many years and finished out his career with the Los Angeles Rams.

Namath appeared in several Sesame Street segments, taped on September 25, 1972.[1] [2]


Picture EKA Description
Episode 0428 Joe Namath counts backwards.
Episode 0433 Joe Namath counts down from ten to one.
Episode 0438 Joe Namath passes on 2.
Episode 0442 Joe Namath passes on 6.
Joe Namath 12 shirt
Episode 0504 Joe Namath points to the number 12 on his shirt.
Big Joe Little Joey
Episode 0505 Joe Namath and a kid demonstrate "big Joe" and "little Joey".
Joe Namath Pass football on 1
Episode 0518 Joe Namath passes on 1.
Episode 0530 Joe Namath shows forward and backward.
Episode 1062 Joe Namath passes on the count of three (in Spanish). In another segment, he passes on the count of four (in Spanish).
Episode 1133 Joe Namath passes a football on the count of 8.


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  2. Sioux City Journal, "He's for the birds." September 26, 1972

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