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PERFORMER Joey Mazzarino Joey
  David Rudman Davey
DEBUT 1992
PATTERN Pumpkin Orange

Joey and Davey Monkey are twin brothers on Sesame Street. Their primary passion in life is the consumption of bananas. They frequently say the word "Bananas!" in unison. Both Muppets are named after their performers.

In one episode, Big Bird has a difficult time trying to tell the two apart, but both have distinctive qualities to themselves that Big Bird picks up on. Joey prefers juice with his snack, and often scratches his head. Davey likes milk, and waves his arms around while he talks.

Joey and Davey first appeared in Episode 2953, during season 23, and became recurring characters the following season through season 29. They made a notable appearance with Marisa Tomei, who reads them the story of "The Monkey King." Joey and Davey mention that the titular Monkey King resembles their cousin Vinny.

The puppet design that would eventually become the characters has evolved over time, appearing early as a generic monkey in 1971 with the song "Has Anybody Seen My Dog?" For this, a small Pumpkin Anything Muppet was used as a base model. By season 15 (and later seen in Episode 2144) the look was refined with a bigger muzzle and a new set of eyes. The design was later tweaked with traditional white Muppet eyes by season 19. Various monkeys with a similar design (some orange, some pink) continue to appear on the show.


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