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John Belushi (1949-1982) was a comic actor and one of the original stars of Saturday Night Live. Belushi parlayed one of his characters, Jake Blues (with Dan Aykroyd as Elwood), into a motion picture, The Blues Brothers. He was the brother of actor Jim Belushi.

Belushi famously referred to The Land of Gortch characters, during their stint on Saturday Night Live, as the "Mucking Fuppets."[1] In the closing of the March 13, 1976 broadcast, the animosity seemingly fueled a final gag. Engaged in an altercation with King Ploobis, who shoves Belushi around, the comedian attempts to throw money at him but later pulls a pocket knife on him. Ploobis escapes unscathed largely due to the intervention of the female cast members.


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