John Stocker (b. 1947) is a Canadian voice actor who played Bugsy Vile, Spunky the Flunky, and other roles on Dog City.

Stocker's other voice roles (often for Nelvana) include Mr. Beastly on Care Bears, Newton Gimmick on The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin, Basil on Babar, Father Cat on The Busy World of Richard Scarry, Toad on Super Mario Bros., Mr. Monitor on Beetlejuice, Graydon Creed on X-Men, Widdle on the first season of Ewoks, and Detective Thompson on The Adventures of Tintin. He also served as voice director for Sailor Moon, Medabots and Beyblade. He also voiced the off-screen announcer for the second season of SCTV.

In addition to animation, Stocker has frequently lent his voice to CBC radio dramas beginning in the 1970s (when he was heard on the scifi comedy Johnny Chase, Secret Agent of Space). On the the horror anthology Nightfall (1980-1983), he acted in 22 episodes (in both leads and bits), in roles ranging from announcers to conjoined twins to otherworldly beings. Stocker was also heard in several of the CBC's Mystery Project series, starring in the five-episode series Albert's Father (1998) as Albert and playing Bernie Sniderman on Peggy Delaney (1998-2002). On-camera work includes the films The Dream Team (with Michael Keaton) and Look Who's Talking Now (with Kirstie Alley).

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