Jonathan Cook (full name Jonathan David Cook) is a voice actor, often heard in trailers and promos. On Sesame Street, he voiced the announcer for the "Super Grover 2.0" and "Cookie's Crumby Pictures" segments. While uncredited on the show itself, his name is included in the international credits of the segments (even those that dub over his voice).

Cook's deep, commanding voice has been heard in campaigns for Audi and Burger King ("Wake up with the king") as well as in promos for Reelz and various UFC matches. He narrated the "World of Peacecraft" fake video game trailer on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and the series Unexplained Mysteries. Cook has done character voices for the animated series The Big Guy and Rusty (as the Big Guy) and Digimon, the animated feature The Ant Bully, and assorted video games (including two entries apiece for Star Wars and Star Trek).

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