Joyce Clements played Joyce on Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street, during the 1980 season.

Joyce was a preschool teacher who taught her own "Sesam Class", where children could interact with Tommie and Pino. Every now and then, Rudy Kühn would assist her, or take over from her.

Joyce's Sesam Class was a new way of trying to get children involved in the show. Getting children to act naturally in a TV studio proved to be difficult. The producers tried it once before with Annet van Heusden interacting with children during the first season; the preschool was created in order to hide the atmosphere of a TV studio. The idea did not work, and Joyce's Sesam Class was dropped the next year. Rudy Kühn stayed on Sesamstraat for a few more years.

The producers tried a different approach to interaction with kids with actor Gerard Kuster in 1982.