Juan sanchez

Juan Sánchez as Chema.


Juan Sánchez on Gala Infantil 2006.

Juan Ramón Sánchez Guinot (Trillo, Guadalajara, 1957 — Madrid, April 11, 2008) was a Spanish actor who played Chema the baker in the Spanish Sesame Street co-production Barrio Sésamo.

During the mid 1970s, Sánchez performed in a music group, Red de San Luis.

Sánchez was married to Chelo Vivares, the actress who performed the full-bodied Muppet Espinete on Barrio Sésamo. They married before the beginning of their work together in 1983.

Sánchez began his career on the TV series El Señor Villanueva y su gente, before becoming one of the most beloved human stars of Barrio Sésamo in the 1980s.

While acting in Barrio Sésamo, Sánchez also appeared in a small role as a male nurse in Pedro Almodóvar's 1986 movie Matador (The Bullfighter). Sánchez has also appeared as a guest actor on the Spanish TV series Farmacia de guardia and Los ladrones van a la oficina.

Alongside with wife Vivares and other actors from the series (such as José Riesgo), Sánchez appeared in a stage version of Barrio Sésamo during the late 1980s, touring through Spain.

More recently, Sánchez performed on stage and met with some success as a painter. He nevertheless admitted that people still called him "Chema".

His last television performance was on Gala Infantil 2006, in a "Como Estan Ustedes?" ("How are you?") segment. With Espinete, Don Pimpón, and Ana, he sang the Barrio Sésamo theme "Todos los del Barrio" for the last time.

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