On Jul med Jeppe, Marie og Elmo, Elmo and Signe, from Sesamgade, co-hosted TV 2 Bavian's Christmas programming block on December 24, 2009. They would talk to guests and introduce the next cartoon. The two regular hosts, Jeppe and Marie, would mainly appear as some of the many characters they created for various sketches on the regular Bavian show.

The show was recorded in TV 2's secondary studio for Go'morgen Danmark and Go' aften Danmark in Tivoli, Copenhagen.

The segment list below only includes segments that had Elmo in them.

Picture Description
Elmo tells Signe that he can't fall asleep because he has been looking forward to this evening. After all, it's Christmas Eve! Signe can understand why Elmo is looking forward to tonight. She then tells him about all the guests that are going to stop by later, and that they are going to watch various Christmas cartoons and Signe mentions a few of the titles of what they are going to see. Elmo also asks if they could visit Tivoli as well and try some of the rides. Signe then presents the first cartoon, The Christmas Orange.

Signe is outside helping Janne, Valdemar, Mathilde and Viktor bake Christmas cookies. At one point Janne shows some muffins she made earlier that are decorated to look like Elmo. She then shows how to make them.

Meanwhile, Elmo is out trying one of Tivoli's roller coasters.

Signe can't understand where Elmo is. Just then, he pops out from behind the couch and scares her. He proudly shows her a picture that was taken while he was on the roller coaster. He tried it 14 times in a row. Signe tells him about the muffins and shows them to him. Then Valdemar, Mathilde and Viktor return with a boy named Simon that has a problem: He's so excited that he can't stand to wait until tonight. Elmo and the kids try to come up with ideas for things to do until tonight. Finally, Elmo suggests that they call Jeppe and Marie and ask them to come and help with ideas.
The kids are outside with Jeppe, Marie and Simon Bressendorff, the host of TV 2's kids' science show Volt. He shows them how to make artificial snow, and ends it with a snow fight while Elmo watches from the window.

Signe and Elmo talk about their favorite Christmas songs. Signe tells Elmo that her favorite is the second verse from "Højt fra træets grønne top" and they sing that verse while the camera shows that the Christmas tree in the studio is decorated with a few Sesame Street plushies. Elmo says that his favorite is "Jule sang, Jule sang" and sings it to the melody from the end song from Elmo's World.
The kids return with Prut and Pølle (Jeppe and Marie), and they sing "The Smelling Song" with Elmo and the kids.
Elmo tries to play his "Jule sang" on his guitar, but he can't make it sound right. Then Lorenzo Woodrose comes by and gives Elmo a a good tip. He doesn't think it's important that you know how to play the guitar as long as you look cool while you try to play the guitar. That way people will believe that you actually know how to play. They then sing the song Sugar Sugar together. After the song Elmo asks how he got so good. Lorenzo explains that he has practiced a lot both alone and together with others. Elmo gets an idea: He and his friends should make a band and then maybe Lorenzo could come and play with them. Lorenzo tells Elmo that they have a deal.


Elmo is sad, since there's no snow outside, and he was really looking forward to a white Christmas. Then Medina arrives to sing to Elmo and she brought a snow globe for Elmo. Together they sing her hit song "Kun for mig". After the song Elmo thanks Medina for the song and gift by giving her a kiss and he introduces Pixar's Cars and then pretends to be Lightning McQueen.

Rasmus Seebach has arrived and Elmo is impressed by Rasmus' keyboard. Rasmus gives Elmo permission to play a little on his keyboard. Afterward Elmo asks Rasmus to ply the song "Engel" and Elmo helps with the chorus. At the end of the song Elmo is dressed as an angel, just like in the song.
After Elmo has said goodbye to Rasmus he goes over to Signe, Valdemar, Mathilde and Viktor. Signe tells Elmo that it's close to Christmas Eve now, but before they say goodbye they have a surprise for him. But before they can go out he should have his hat and scarf on before he gets the surprise. Signe tells him that there will be snow soon. Simon Bressendorff places a snowbomb outside that he had made with Signe and the kids earlier. Elmo is really excited that he got his snow. After giving the kids a hug, he tells the viewer that he is going home to celebrate Christmas with his family, just like they do in the next movie Krummerne - så er det jul igen. And then Elmo wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.



In 2007, Jeppe and Maria hosted DR's Mens vi venter show on December 23, were they showed Glædelig Jul, Elmer.

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