Julie Payne (b. 1946) is an actress who appeared in the Puppetman pilot as Rita, the human star of "Dragon Time." She was also heard in animated inserts on Sesame Street.[1]

Active both on and off-screen, Payne often played hard-nosed businesswomen, as a regular on The Duck Factory (with Jim Carrey and Jay Tarses) and in guest spots on The Bob Newhart Show, Full House, Murphy Brown, and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Other credits include the regular role of Queen Lattinia on Wizard's and Warriors and recurring appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm as Cheryl's mom.

As a voice actress, Payne played a variety of roles in the Garfield specials and series, including Liz the vet and Lanolin the sheep, and was heard in George Lucas's film THX 1138 and the animated feature Twice Upon a Time (as Flora Fauna).

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