Julius Erving (b. 1950) is a retired basketball player known by his nickname "Dr. J". Erving played for the New Jersey Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers, and won three championships and four Most Valuable Player awards.

Erving guest starred on Sesame Street during the 13th season. He made a brief cameo in Episode 1683 as himself, playing basketball against Oscar the Grouch. He also appeared in Episode 1704, meeting Dr. Nobel Price. He also appeared in inserts taped for the season, including helping a young girl play ball (First: Episode 1685), demonstrating body parts with Big Bird (First: Episode 1701), and making 20 baskets as Count von Count counts them. (First: Episode 1759)

Erving also appeared in a commercial for the NBA Finals in June 2005 with Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

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