Bear in the Big Blue House - Juner.png
PERFORMER Stephanie D'Abruzzo
DEBUT 1999

Juner is Tutter's aunt, who appears in the Bear in the Big Blue House episode "The Tutter Family Reunion." Juner, a single parent, is the mother of Baby Blotter.

She expresses her surprise upon first meeting Bear, for although Tutter had told her about his housemate, he didn't tell her how "big, big, big!" Bear was. When Tutter tells her that Bear likes to take care of him and the rest of The Big Blue House just as she does Baby Blotter, Juner expresses empathy with regards to its inherent difficulty, being a single mother raising her own child.

In the storybook, Juner is named "June," and is accompanied by Jim Tutter (who also appears in the episode, but separately).

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