PERFORMER Michael Laskin
DEBUT 1987

Junior Gorg appeared in animated form on the animated version of Fraggle Rock. His voice was more highpitched than in the puppet series.

Like the live action series, Junior Gorg is mainly focused on tending to the radish garden and pleasing his parents. He is enemies with the Fraggles as they steal the radishes he works hard to harvest. 

In the one episode Junior was commissioned as "Ambassador Gorg" by his father, who seeks to establish diplomatic relations with other kingdoms. Junior takes a long time traveling, but fails to find any other countries, and fears his parents will be angry with him.

Another episode had Red Fraggle realize Junior believes in a "Radish Fairy", and dresses up in a leotard and tutu to speak to him in his dreams. She first tells him to be generous in order to bless his harvest, but this works too well, as Junior dumps bushels of radishes down the hole "to feed all those hungry Fraggles" causing Fraggle Rock to be awash in radishes. Red again appears as the Radish Fairy, telling Junior he must not donate any more radishes and that his genorosity will be rewarded at a future point in time.

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