Just a dream away
Music by Philip Balsam
Lyrics by Dennis Lee

Just a Dream Away is a Fraggle Rock song that Mudwell the Mudbunny sings to Wembley Fraggle in the fifth-season episode "Gone, But Not Forgotten". The song poignantly expresses Mudwell's belief that the cycle of life and death is like the movement of water -- "One day it's an ocean. One day, ice in motion. One day its a teardrop in your eye."

In the chorus, Mudwell promises that he'll always be around, in memory: "It's just a dream away. You've got to leave to stay. We'll meet again, someday... Just a dream away."

Mudwell sings this song when he first meets Wembley. Wembley hears it again during the next stage of Mudwell's evolution after Mudwell "dies". Wembley later sings it with the Lizard near the end of the episode.

The song was used again in the Fraggle Rock animated series episode What Boober's Nose Knows, although its purpose was rather different; Boober sang it while dreaming of sweet water.