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PERFORMER Haley Jenkins
DEBUT 2019

Karli is a young monster introduced in series of videos for Sesame Street in Communities in May 2019 about foster care.

Her favorite food is pizza, and she loves playing monster ball (which is kind of like soccer, but for monsters).[1] She is shown to be in the care of two foster parents, Dalia and Clem. She is also good friends with Elmo.

Karli starred in another series of videos that debuted on the site in October 2019, focusing on substance abuse. It is explained that Karli's mother is away getting treatment for her addiction, which was only implied in the earlier foster care videos. Karli also appeared in a musical outreach video for their "Violence" initiative.

She made her first appearance on the Sesame Street series in Episode 5127, which acted as a proper introduction for the character.

She is recycled from the same puppet originally used as Carina the Ballerina, with some altered facial features.