Kathleen sings "The Sneeze Song."

Rick Lyon operating the Kathleen puppet as a background cow.

Kathleen the Cow is one of Sesame Street’s menagerie of Muppet cows, a group that also includes Gladys the Cow. Kathleen's name originates from her starring role in Episode 3586, where Telly Monster and Lexine teach her about what love means.

The puppet has often been used as a background character in street scenes, inserts, and musical numbers such as "Get Along," "Boogie Woogie Piggies," and "If I Were The Letter B." Another starring turn for the cow was as the lead singer on "The Sneeze Song" (voiced here by Marilyn Sokol), backed by a Pig, a Sheep, and Fred the Wonder Horse.

In Elmo's Magic Cookbook, Stephanie D'Abruzzo performed her as a cow that helps produce milk to make cheese, which is one of the main ingredients that Emeril Lagasse uses to make pizza.

Jennifer Barnhart later performed her as the cow who jumped over the moon, from the nursery rhyme "Hey Diddle Diddle," in Episode 4083 and Happy Healthy Monsters.


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