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Entrance to the Sesame stage at Kaufman Astoria Studios in the Astoria section of Queens, one of New York City's five boroughs.


Stage J, Sesame Street's current filming location, 2012.

Kaufman Astoria Studios, located in the Astoria section of Queens, is where Sesame Street has been taped since 1993.[1] The show was taped on the studio's ground floor on Stage G until Season 39, when production moved three floors up to Stage J.[2] The series and most of the home video releases are taped at the studio.

KAS Music and Sound studio is also located there, which records all of the audio needed for the show. According to a press release, "NEP Broadcasting created and maintains the Sony-based HD system for Kaufman Astoria Studios."[3]

Originally opened in the 1920s as part of Paramount Pictures, the studio's current incarnation has been in business since 1977, when it was reopened to film Sidney Lumet's film version of The Wiz (1978). Other shows, such as Law & Order and Johnny and the Sprites[4] are also filmed here. The Cosby Show and Spin City also used the facilities.

Elmo and Kevin Clash spoke at a ceremony announcing the expansion of the facilities; a letter K was given to the company, as the space will be "Studio K."[5] Kaufmann Organization Chairman George S. Kaufmann cites Elmo as his favorite Sesame Street character.[6]


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