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Kellogg's is a company that is best known for its brands of breakfast cereal established in 1906.

In 1979, a cereal box promotion for The Muppet Movie was handled by Kellogg's, on Corn Flakes boxes in Australia. Muppet stickers were included in each box, which could be used to decorate illustrated scenes on the back of the boxes. In the United States, the Muppet Movie cereal box promotion was handled by General Mills, on Cheerios boxes.

Big Bird was featured on the front cover of a collector's edition Corn Flakes box, featuring the street sign for Sesame Street and five of its international counterparts, commemorating Sesame Street's 30th anniversary.

In 2000, Kellogg's cereals offered a series of twenty-four small (usually less than 4") Sesame Street Mini Beans in their cereal boxes. They were based on the 1997 Tyco Beans. The following cereal brands are as followed:


Corn Flakes 0974
  • "The Transylvanian Manual of Magic and Auto Repair" calls for Corn Flakes as an ingredient in a magic potion to return Count von Count's thunder in Sesame Street Episode 0974.
  • In Episode 1489 of Sesame Street, Oscar the Grouch keeps a tiger in his can to keep away unwanted visitors. After the tiger, named Anthony, scares off Maria, Oscar tells the tiger, "That was grrrreat!," echoing the catchphrase of Frosted Flake's mascot Tony the Tiger.
  • In the Bear in the Big Blue House episode, "Water, Water Everywhere," Tutter uses various boxes in his attempt to construct something to help him reach the faucet. Some of the boxes include Kellogg's Frosted Flakes, Apple Jacks, and Froot Loops. The letters of the brand's name on the boxes are somewhat obscured.
  • A sketch in Sesame Street Episode 4193 titled "Super K" is a spoof of the Kellogg's breakfast cereal, Special K. The company name is parodied as "Kingsley's."
  • In the Fraggle Rock episode "The Voice Inside," Wrench Doozer gets rescued by Sprocket from being buried in an avalanche of "Kellog's Honey Smacks," used in the production to simulate pebbles.

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