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Ken is the unseen boyfriend of Joan, Scooter's mom, on The Muppets.

In the episode "The Ex-Factor," Scooter tells Kermit: "I once gave a hand-painted cake plate to a lovely lady, and the next morning, she made me breakfast." Rizzo the Rat asks "Who was she? Your mother?" Scooter replies "Yes, and I like to remind her of that every time she lets Ken stay over." Afterwards, in a sudden distracted train of thought, Scooter exclaims: "Put on a robe, Ken!"

Later Scooter says he's going home to be with his mom, and he doesn't even care if it's "her private time with Ken!"

In the episode "Pig's in a Blackout," Scooter uses his mom's credit card to buy coffee for the office. He says the purchase will help her earn points towards a trip to Rome for her and her boyfriend.

In the episode "Single All the Way," Scooter expresses his displeasure with Ken and his mother's relationship saying: "[Becky] breaks up with a great guy like Fozzie, and yet my mother is still with Ken? Ugh! Cut your nails, Ken. You're not a Spanish guitar player!"

When asked about his feelings towards Ken in a Twitter Q&A, Scooter tweeted: "No comment on Mom's relationship on a public forum, but he's definitely getting a robe for Christmas."[1] When asked about his mom, Scooter replied: "She's the sweetest, most caring, loving woman in the world who has really bad taste in Ken--I mean MEN!"[2] When asked if he has any nicknames, Scooter said: "My BFF calls me 'Scootie.' Her boyfriend Ken calls me 'Champ' and I hate it."[3]

In November 2015, Scooter tweeted: "I invited all #TheMuppets to Mom's Circa 1620 authentic Thanksgiving. No running water or electricity! No one wants to come. I blame Ken."[4]

In December 2015, Scooter shared some Christmas tweets. He tweeted: "Mom and I made cookies! I used the dough to spell out a special message: 'PUT YOUR SHOES AWAY, KEN.' The sprinkles really sell it."[5] Later he shared "Trimming the tree with mom and Ken tonight. Don't worry, I hid the egg nog so Ken won't start any electrical fires like last year."[6]

Ken was mentioned again at The Muppets Take the Bowl in 2017 and The Muppets Take the O2 in 2018, where he helps Joan Google the Muppets' performance at the different venues.

Scooter's digital desktop on Muppets Now houses several files and folders titled "ProblemsWithKen_" followed by numerics, possibly indicating specific dates, or the vast number of said issues.