Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes, animated by Snyder.

Ken Snyder produced many animated segments for Sesame Street, most notably the Alice Braithwaite Goodyshoes series, as well as the occasional live-action insert (notably "B is for Bubble"). His contributions included a cartoon about a fishing boy catching letters of the alphabet (First: Episode 0004), and a cartoon about the number 20, featuring a four-armed man. (First: Episode 0276) Fred Calvert and Fred Crippen were the primary directors of these spots, credited in The Sesame Street Book of Letters and elsewhere to Ken Snyder Enterprises.

Snyder had previously produced and written for the animated TV series Roger Ramjet and The Funny Company (the latter heavily using live-action film inserts, predating Sesame Street). These projects often used the talents of future Sesame collaborators (with and without Snyder) including Calvert and Crippen, Gary Owens, Bob Arbogast, Joan Gerber, David Ketchum, Gene Moss, Hal Smith, and composer Jack Fascinato.

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