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DEBUT 1980
DESIGN Caroly Wilcox designer

Kermit the Forg is a tall gray Anything Muppet monster with a long green nose. His name comes from a Sesame Street sketch in which Kermit the Frog is frustrated in his attempts to buy a personalized t-shirt from the T-Shirt Salesman. The sketch also features Kermit the Gorf and Kermit the Grof.

The monster has been performed by Jerry Nelson (The Wonderful World of T-Shirts), Richard Hunt ("We Are All Monsters"), Michael Earl ("Near Far Monsters"), Martin P. Robinson (Monsters of Venice and My Sesame Street Friends), and Alice Dinnean (Monsters in Day Care), among others.

The puppet has also been recycled for other named characters, including Pinky, Suzy (Episode 3869) and Sally, and as an alien (with purple hair, sans nose) in Episode 4504.


  • The "Kermit the Forg" wordplay was first used in Episode 314 of The Muppet Show, with guest star Harry Belafonte. The episode included a running gag involving Fozzie Bear writing the script for the show as it went along, with several spelling errors as the result of Fozzie's handwriting. Kermit's opening monologue began as follows: "Lagies and Jecklefins, [...] my name is Kermit the Forg -- The Forg?!"
  • The puppet was originally built with fully exposed eyes. By season 16, the puppet was given eyelids and brown eyelashes.


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