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Alternate ages of Kermit the Frog seen in Muppet productions and merchandise.

Picture Description
Tadpole Kermit 2

Tadpole Kermit

Tadpole Kermit 3

Baby Kermit on Muppet Togs and Lullaby Land apparel

A 1983 apparel line from Andover Togs depicted "Baby Kermit" as a tadpole. A similar design of Kermit as a tadpole was used on a line of pajamas from Lullaby Land in 1983.

KermitBaby Baby Kermit in The Muppets Take Manhattan and A Muppet Family Christmas

A young Kermit first appeared in the "I'm Gonna Always Love You" sequence in The Muppets Take Manhattan and re-appeared later in the "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" sequence in A Muppet Family Christmas.

A photo puppet appeared on various merchandise, including the Muppet Babies' Classic Children's Tales and Muppet Babies' Classic Nursery Rhymes books. A similar design was used for the walk-around character in Muppet Babies Live!.

BabyKermit Baby Kermit in Muppet Babies

Retaining his sailor suit from his puppet appearance, Baby Kermit was a main castmember of the 1984 cel-animated TV series, Muppet Babies.

BabyKermitBooks Baby Kermit in Muppet Babies books

A baby version of Kermit appeared in many Muppet Babies books.

KidKermit Kid Kermit in Muppet Kids

An adolescent Kermit (age 6-8) appeared in illustrated form in the Muppet Kids books and computer games. He was also featured in some toys, wearing a blue and white-striped shirt and red baseball cap.

Kermitkid-Photo Kid Kermit in Muppet computer books

A photo puppet of Kermit, dressed to match his Muppet Kids appearance, appeared on the covers of Kermit Learns Windows and Kermit Learns How Computers Work.

MuppetHighKermit Teenage Kermit in Muppet High

A high school aged Kermit, appearing as a 1950s motorcycle-riding teen, was proposed for the series Muppet High and appeared on merchandise in 1991.

Kermit-through.the.years "Kermit Through the Years" (concept art)

Concept artwork from the production of Kermit's Swamp Years was displayed at MuppetFest in 2001 showing Kermit at birth (tadpole), age 2 (Muppet Babies), age 6-8 (Muppet Kids), age 10 (Kermit's Swamp Years), age 15 (teen), age 30 (standard adult Kermit), and age 80 (elderly frog).

KermitYoung Young Kermit in Kermit's Swamp Years

A twelve-year-old version of Kermit the Frog starred in the direct-to-video movie Kermit's Swamp Years.

KermitsParents Young Kermit in Pepe's Profiles

A photo of a young Kermit with his parents was shown in a Pepe's Profile featurette.

OldKermit Old Kermit in Muppets Most Wanted

Miss Piggy sings about how she and Kermit will "grow grey and old, and live the quiet life" in "Something So Right". During the sequence, an aging Piggy and Kermit are shown with their kids.

Baby Kermit 2018 background Baby Kermit in Muppet Babies

Baby Kermit is a core castmember of the 2018 CG-animated reboot of the Muppet Babies series.

MuppetBabiesPlayDate-BabyKermit Baby Kermit in Muppet Babies Play Date

A puppet, based on the character design from the 2018 series, was used in a series of shorts.

ThrowbackTadpole Tadpole Kermit on social media

In a 2020 social media post on Twitter and Instagram, Kermit shared a picture of him as a tadpole along with the caption "My mom just sent me this picture from my first day at Tadpole School. Pretty cute, but I had to remind her that, outside of the swamp, #TBT doesn't stand for #ThrowbackTadpole." (Tweet)

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