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Characters and alter-egos assumed by Kermit the Frog in Muppet productions.

Picture Name Production Notes
KermitGirl Kermeena[1] The Ed Sullivan Show Kermeena, decked out in wig and pearls, sings "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face" to Yorick.
Kermit Reporter Reporter Kermit Sesame Street
recurring role
Kermit reports for the Sesame Street News Flash segments.
Wmlcowboy Cowboy What's My Line? Kermit dons a cowboy hat and lowers his voice to fool the panelists.
Wmlgirl Kermit in drag What's My Line? Kermit dons a blonde wig and speaks with a higher voice to fool the panelists.
Msmask The Mysterious Ms. Mask The Muppet Show
episode 202
When Kermit can't find another lady wrestler, he's forced to take on the role himself for the sake of his cast's payroll.
Kermit prince A prince on the bridge of a castle moat The Muppet Show
episode 217
Kermit appears as a prince for the song "The Lonely Goatherd."
Kermit-chicken Kermit the Chicken The Muppet Show
episode 321
Kermit contracts Cluckitis.
Kermithood Robin Hood The Muppet Show
episode 323
Kermit as Robin Hood.
Arkin16 Kermit Hyde The Muppet Show
episode 420
Kermit drinks Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's Ultra-Powerful Jekyll-Hyde Potion and becomes a fierce version of himself.
Sinbad the Sailor The Muppet Show
episode 518
Sinbad the Sailor, to protect his identity, becomes Sinbad the Surfer.
Kermit Sheik
The Sheik in Eastern Promise The Muppets Go to the Movies Kermit plays the Rudolph Valentino character in a spoof of the 1921 film The Sheik.
Silent Strawberries cast
Olaf the Frog The Muppets Go to the Movies Kermit appears as Olaf the Frog in Gummo Bergman's Silent Strawberries.
Rosenthal Rosenthal The Great Muppet Caper Kermit poses as Rosenthal, Miss Piggy's lawyer.
PizzaTwins Pizza Twin The Great Muppet Caper Twins Kermit and Fozzie pose as the Pizza Twins to break into the Mallory Gallery. The frog is the one on the right.
Kermit Skywalker Luke Skywalker Muppet Magazine From issue 3. Kermit also appeared as Luke in a set of Star Wars Muppets PVC figures.
Prince Kermit The Prince Muppet Magazine From issue 15.
Kermit - poseidon adventure Captain C. Cruise Muppet Trading Cards Spoof of The Poseidon Adventure.
Boffo Socko "Boffo Socko" Agent The Muppets Take Manhattan Kermit disguises himself as an agent to get his script to Leonard Winesop at the Winesop Theatrical Agency.
ProdcerKermit Broadway Producer The Muppets Take Manhattan Kermit disguises himself as a Broadway producer to spread the buzz at Sardi's about "Manhattan Melodies."
See also: Kermit's Caricature
PhillipPhil Phillip Phil The Muppets Take Manhattan Having lost his memory, Kermit assumes the identity of an advertising executive, Phillip Phil, and gets hired at Mad Ave Advertising.
Green Sesame Street
(First: Episode 2410)
Kermit appears as Green in the Monsterpiece Theater segment "Gone with the Wind."
Santakermit Santa Claus The Christmas Toy Dressed as Santa Claus for the intro and outro to The Christmas Toy. Kermit has also appeared as Santa in a number of merchandise items such as a doll produced by Presents in 1990.
Indiana Jones The Muppets at Walt Disney World Kermit dressed up as Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones Stunt Show at Walt Disney World. An action figure of Kermit wearing this costume was released as "Adventure Kermit."
Bob Cratchit Bob Cratchit The Muppet Christmas Carol Kermit plays Bob Cratchit in the Muppets' adaptation of A Christmas Carol.
Kingmidas King Midas Muppet Classic Theater Kermit as the mythological king.
Mayorkermit The Mayor Muppet Classic Theater Kermit as the mayor of the nameless farming hamlet in "The Boy Who Cried Wolf."
Kingkermit The King Muppet Classic Theater The sad and lonely monarch in "Rumpelstiltskin."
Shoemakerkermit Shoemaker Muppet Classic Theater A financially-straitened cobbler who works with his nephew (Robin).
KermitMTI Captain Abraham Smollett Muppet Treasure Island Kermit plays Captain Abraham Smollett in the Muppets' adaptation of Treasure Island.
Detkermit Detective Amphibowicz Muppets Tonight
episode 106
Kermit plays detective in an NYPD Green segment.
Flippers Flippers Muppets Tonight
episode 110
Kermit appears as the title character in a spoof on the 1960s film and television series, Flipper.
Frogzilla Muppets Tonight
episode 203
Kermit dresses up as a Godzilla styled monster (spines and sharp teeth) in a Hardy Pig Boys segment.
Virgil the monkey Virgil the Monkey Muppets Tonight
episode 205
Ernst Stavros Grouper, the owner of KMUP, declares that from now on, Kermit will be known as Virgil the Monkey.
Froggo the dragon Frogo the Dragon Muppets Tonight
episode 207
Kermit does a screen test for the movie Dragonheart.
Kerminator The Kerminator Muppet Parodies 1998 Calendar and Movie Mania A cybernetic Kermit from the future travels to the past to save mankind in a spoof of The Terminator.
Kermitdoctor edited Dr. Kermit Muppets from Space Kermit and Pepe the King Prawn are disguised as doctors while infiltrating C.O.V.N.E.T.
Kermit.ker-monster Ker-Monster Muppet Monster Adventure Kermit is transformed into a fiendish monster in Muppet Monster Adventure.
Game.spymuppets Agent Frog Spy Muppets: License to Croak Kermit as a James Bond-like spy.
KermitScarecrow The Scarecrow The Muppets' Wizard of Oz Kermit plays the Scarecrow in the Muppets' adaptation of The Wizard of Oz.
HollywoodBowl-Kermit-as-SonnyBono-2006-09-15 Sonny Bono "Fireworks Finale" at the Hollywood Bowl
(live appearance)
Kermit is being forced by Miss Piggy to visually impersonate Sonny Bono at a live performance of "I Got You Babe" at the Hollywood Bowl.
PiratesOfTheCaribbean4-WorldPremiere-(2011-05-09)-21 Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides world premiere at Disneyland. Kermit dressed up as Jack Sparrow to impress Johnny Depp.
MMWtrailerNov20-0028 Constantine Muppets Most Wanted With a fake mole glued-on his face, Kermit is mistaken for Constantine - the world's most dangerous frog. Meanwhile, the evil Constantine (with make-up over his mole) takes Kermit's place.
Pigs In Space - Kermit Matt Kewaterski Pigs in Space online series Kermit appears in Miss Piggy's panic-dream as astronaut Matt Kewaterski, her deceased lover. Kermit's appearance in the dream was motivated by Link Hogthrob operating a Kermit puppet.
Kermit as Tenth Doctor Tenth Doctor The Muppets Take the O2 A sequence for Pigs in Space involves the Muppets turning into all incarnations of the title character from Doctor Who; Kermit appears as David Tennant's Tenth Doctor.
Omaze Kermit Elvis Elvis Omaze To promote a charity campaign for WE, Kermit dresses as Elvis Presley.
Omaze Kermit Elton John Elton John Omaze To promote a charity campaign for WE, Kermit dresses as Elton John.
Kermit-Wizard The Wizard The Wonderful Winter of Oz Kermit plays the Wizard on stage for a limited engagement in Pasadena, CA.
CrumpetTheFrog Crumpet the Frog Amphibia
"Swamp and Sensibility"
Kermit guest stars as Crumpet the Frog, a judge of the Ribbiton family challenge.
The Masked Singer Snail masked Snail The Masked Singer Kermit performed under the code name, and in disguise as, "the snail."
MHM Mansion Show host Mansion Show host Muppets Haunted Mansion Kermit appears as a ghost in the ballroom scene and introduces acts from "The Mansion Show". His "I croaked" one liner when describing his death is derived from the punny epitaph for "Old Flybait", a frog in the attraction's Pet Cemetery.


Picture Name Production Notes
RobinHoodBook-1985-KermitTheFrog Robin of Loxley Robin Hood Illustrated by Bruce McNally
Kermitrobinhood Robin Hood Muppet Robin Hood Illustrated by Armand Villavert Jr. with covers by David Petersen and Shelli Paroline
Kermit-PeterPan Peter Pan Muppet Peter Pan Illustrated by Amy Mebberson with additional covers by David Petersen and Shelli Paroline
Kermit-KingArthur King Arthur Muppet King Arthur Illustrated by James Silvani and Dave Álvarez with additional covers by David Petersen and Amy Mebberson
Kermit.snowwhite The Prince Muppet Snow White Illustrated by Shelli Paroline with additional covers by David Petersen, Amy Mebberson, and James Silvani
Silverfish Short-Sighted Billy Silverfish The Muppet Show Comic Book: Family Reunion
(part 3)
Illustrated by Amy Mebberson.
Kermit disguises himself as the homeless Short-Sighted Billy Silverfish in an effort to get Robin to reconsider running away from home.
Kermit Creature Muppet Mash The Gill-man The Muppet Show Comic Book: Muppet Mash
(part 3)
Illustrated by Roger Langridge.
Kermit dresses as Creature from the Black Lagoon at a party in the splash page from the "Monster Munch" story.

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