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Kermit and jenny huggies

Jenny gives Kermit the huggies.

Miss Mousey rejects Kermit

Miss Mousey plays hard to get.

Kermit proposes to a nun

Kermit proposes to a nun.

Kermit picks up a lady in a bar

Kermit, about to engage in an altercation with a gentleman over a lady.

Kermit and Denise laptop

Denise and Kermit, dating in The Muppets.

Nadya's shrine to Kermit

Nadya's shrine to Kermit.


Sylvie Meis going out with Kermit in Berlin...


...and Miss Piggy preventing the development of anything more serious.

Kermit the Frog has famously been in an on-again-off-again romantic relationship with Miss Piggy since The Muppet Show. However, his eye has wandered on occasion, and he has been on the receiving end of the infatuation of others. In promotional appearances especially, Kermit tends to get quite flirty with female interviewers, but these instances are mostly fleeting with a few exceptions of genuine intent.

Mutual love interests[]

  • Appearing on her show in 1975, Kermit and Cher compliment each others' nose and legs. Their flirting leads to the point where he propositions her: "Do you, uh, fool around?" Cher jokes that they could go to the hop, but Kermit, having read about her in fan magazines, remains steadfast in his attempts to score with his host.
  • Although Annie Sue primarily sees Kermit as her boss (she calls him “sir”), they engaged in some light flirting over the course of The Muppet Show. They traded pecks on the cheek at two different moments in episode 302, and, in episode 401, Kermit says “it might be kinda fun to teach a cute little pig to frog-kick.”
  • In episode 523, Linda Ronstadt makes the mistake of revealing her crush on Kermit to Miss Piggy, which in turn leads Piggy to lock him up in a trunk. When Linda frees him, Kermit reciprocates the feeling, Linda sings “I've Got a Crush on You”, and Kermit calls her sweetie. This continues throughout the episode, but due to Miss Piggy's interference, the pair agree to shake hands and part. Linda and Kermit are reunited years later on Kermit Unpigged, where she appeals to their past and they sing “All I Have to Do Is Dream”.
  • Lily Tomlin tells Kermit she finds him “very, very attractive” in The Muppets Go to the Movies. Kermit begins to explain that the feeling is mutual until Piggy appears within earshot. Later, they get to act out their feelings playing characters in a war movie sketch where Kermit plays himself as a soldier and Tomlin plays his girlfriend Francine back home, Gloria the Greasemonkey-ess, and a nun who nurses Kermit back to health; all of whom are love interests for Kermit.
  • Dolly Parton went on a date with Kermit in a 1987 episode of her TV series Dolly. Kermit almost stands her up, hiding out in a bar after keeping her waiting for thirty minutes. He reveals that his depression over an abundance of frog jokes throughout his life have led to low self confidence. Parton builds him up with compliments of his physical features, he comments on hers, they share some jokes, and end their date with a song.
  • Appearing together in 1997 for a Children in Need benefit, Kermit and Ulrika Jonsson sing "Makin' Whoopee" together. This is no mere duet about the act of making love, as Jonsson's writhing about on the piano, and Kermit's smooth reception of her advances, seem to suggest there is something more going on between the two.
  • Carolyn Murphy appeared with Kermit in a 2005 commercial for Target, where she hunts down a fly and serves it to her frog on a plate. The couple are eating breakfast together in the morning, and Kermit calls her sweetie before asking her to feed him the fly — something Murphy is familiar with having done before.
  • During a 2006 interview with MTV News to promote Before You Leap, Kermit asks the production team to cut the cameras before revealing that "there's this old tape" of he and Pamela Anderson floating around; referencing the model's infamous sex tape with Tommy Lee. The interviewer asks if he had anything to do with Anderson's split with Kid Rock, and Kermit would only admit that he was "around."
  • During a 2011 appearance on Out There with Melissa DiMarco, Kermit's host spends much of the interview flirting with him, asserting that he's much hotter than Brad Pitt. Acknowledging his on-and-off relationship with Piggy, DiMarco worries that she might not have a shot with Kermit, but he assuages her fears by explaining that competing with Piggy over him is less important than dodging her punches. Kermit eventually asks her out for coffee and ice cream, followed by a kiss. When Piggy appeared on the show in 2014, she raked DiMarco over the coals about the date and closed out the interview with a physical altercation.
  • In 2014, while on promotional tour through Berlin, Germany, Kermit went out with Dutch-German celebrity Sylvie Meis, only to be interrupted by Miss Piggy when things start heating up.
  • Prior to the events of the 2015 TV series The Muppets, Kermit begins dating Denise, a pig who works on the staff of the show the Muppets are producing.
  • Kermit explains to the camera in The Muppets episode "Hostile Makeover" that when he and Piggy were dating, they had a "free pass" list (of celebrities they were allowed to "get with" should the opportunity present itself). He claims that on his end it was "just for fun... unless Lea Thompson and I got stuck in an elevator together." At the end of the episode, Kermit finds himself in that exact situation, on the receiving end of Thompson's returned affections. However, before either of them can partake in any further connection, Gonzo barges into the elevator just before the doors close and insists on sharing a story about his mother getting lost in Machu Picchu for the duration of the ride.
  • After the hosts of Daily Pop press Kermit on his relationship with Miss Piggy (which Kermit confirms is not currently a thing) and ask him if he'd consider something with The Masked Singer judge Nicole Scherzinger, Kermit shies away from the topic, saying he doesn't really discuss his dating life. At the end of the March 11, 2021 interview, he does however agree to a date with Daily Pop host Kym Whitley.

Crushes on Kermit[]

Evine Mistletoe
  • In episode 320, a pack of Groupies is initially vying for the attention of guest star Sylvester Stallone. But Scooter later informs Kermit that they're also there to see him. After which, they proceed to smother Kermit (although this appears to mostly be a distraction tactic created by Scooter, the end means of which is to deliver on his paid-for promise to secure access to Stallone for the groupies).
  • Vanessa Williams pines after Kermit in a 2011 cross-promo for Desperate Housewives and The Muppets. As he approaches, the camera uses soft filters and high-speed film while Williams's hair blows in the (indoor) wind under sexy saxophone music. Piggy stuns her out of the fantasy with a karate chop and calls her a desperate hussy. (YouTube)
  • In Muppets Most Wanted, Nadya harbors a major crush on Kermit, to the point of having built a shrine for him in her locker. Her obsession extends to turning a blind eye to his innocence in order to keep him locked up in the Gulag with her.
  • During an appearance on Evine on December 17, 2017, host Allison Waggoner, invites Kermit on a date for New Year's. Though he claims to already have a date, but doesn't say with who. During a transition her co-host Jill Sommerstein claims she had him "in the palm of her hands."
  • Later in their evening appearance on Evine, host Fatima Cocci brandishes a pillow with the words "Meet me under the mistletoe" inscribed on them. Flustered Kermit asks if any mistletoe is around, and gets told he should have just went to the kiss. To which he responds he "does things by the book."

Unreciprocated love[]

  • In the unaired pilot version of The Muppet Show episode 101, Kermit makes a pass at Roxanne, but she turns him down.
  • Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2003, Wade Robson tells Kimmel that he's not allowed to date the girls who audition for his MTV talent search competition. Kermit, co-hosting the show that week, pipes in and says, "Same way with me on Sesame Street."
  • Kermit has often mentioned in interviews that he harbors a crush on Reese Witherspoon. Although she ultimately ended up working with the Muppets several times, including a Dubsmash video with Kermit, his affections don't appear to have been returned.
  • When Jameela Jamil interviewed Kermit in 2012 during the T4 Muppet Takeover, Kermit commented on Jamil's body language and noted that she was leaning so far away from him. When he asked if she was afraid of frogs, co-host Nick Grimshaw observed Piggy's reaction to the exchange and asked if Jamil should instead be afraid of the pig. At the end of the interview, Kermit took Jamil's hand and complimented her diction and delivery. Piggy fumed at the side, invited Jamil to follow her away from the camera, and delivered a karate chop to the host off-screen just after Kermit shouted to her, "call me!"

In character[]

  • Andie MacDowell plays her Four Weddings and a Funeral character Carrie opposite Kermit as Charles in Muppets Tonight episode 211 where the pair find themselves together again at yet another wedding. They share a kiss, but their romance doesn't last as Carrie lists all the frogs she's kissed and moves on to the next candidates who are lined up at their table.

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