Kermit the Frog Action Figure

Palisades Muppet Figures
Character Kermit the Frog
Date Spring 2002
Series 1
Variants Tuxedo Kermit Action Figure

A Kermit Action Figure was released in the first series of Muppet Show action figures produced by Palisades Toys as part of the show's 25th anniversary marketing campaign.

Before the regular figure hit shelves, ToyFare Magazine released a collectible version without accessories in a mini lunchbox. The Tuxedo Kermit Action Figure was simultaneously sold as an exclusive through Toys "R" Us.

neck, ball-jointed shoulders, and hips
Television camera, coffee mug, logo base


Originally, Kermit was going to include a banjo, however Henson didn't approve of the banjo accessory.[1]


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