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Full-body puppets/costumes based on Kermit that have been created for the various stage shows and public appearances.

Full Body Puppet/Costume Year / Stage Production Notes
Rowlf full body 1984
The Muppet Show On Tour
One of the costumes created for Kermit in the first tour was a tuxedo clad Kermit. It was performed to a track by Jim Henson
Kermit 2nd edition 1985
The Muppet Show On Tour: 2nd Edition
Kermit appeared in a sweater for the 2nd tour, as well as his tuxedo. Note the Jim Henson face design in the sweater. Performed to a vocal track by Jim Henson
80s full bodied 1985
The Muppet Show On Tour: 2nd Edition
Kermit appeared as Michael Jackson in the 2nd edition of The Muppet Show on Tour: 2nd Edition. Performed to a vocal track by Jim Henson
Baby kermit full body 1986-1988
Muppet Babies Live
VEE Corporation produced three Muppet Babies stage shows in the mid-80s. Performed to a vocal track by Frank Welker.
Firstdisneykermit 1989
Walt Disney World
This is the first version of a Kermit walk-around, seen here at the announcement that the Walt Disney Company was buying the Muppets.
Kermit Piggy Costumess 1990 Kermit and Piggy in the UK in the 90s.
KermitWDW 2002
Walt Disney World
Kermit appears as a park walk around character at Walt Disney World. The silent full body character shakes hands, poses for pictures and signs autographs. This version of the walk-around costume was made for the Disney's Stars and Motor Cars Parade, which debuted in 2002 as part of Disney's 100 Years of Magic celebration.