Songs from
Released 1999
Format CD
Label Turn Up the Music
Drew's Famous
Cat no.

Kids' TV Themes is a 1999 CD featuring twenty-two theme songs from many popular children's television shows. The theme song from Sesame Street appears as track #19 on this CD.

Track listings

  1. Teletubbies Theme Song ("Say 'Eh-oh!'")
  2. Tiny Toon Adventures Theme Song
  3. Animaniacs Main Title Theme
  4. Barney & Friends Theme Song
  5. The Brady Bunch Theme Song
  6. Charlie Horse Music Pizza Theme Song
  7. Richard Scarry Intro
  8. All That Theme Song
  9. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? Theme Song
  10. Power Rangers Theme Song
  11. Happy Days Theme Song
  12. Pinky and the Brain Theme Song
  13. The Puzzle Place Theme Song
  14. Gullah Gullah Island Theme Song
  15. Bananas in Pajamas Theme Song
  16. Nickelodeon Movies Theme Song
  17. The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Theme Song
  18. Theodore Tugboat Theme Song
  19. Sesame Street Theme
  20. Scholastic's The Magic School Bus Theme Song
  21. Blue's Clues Theme Song
  22. Rugrats Theme Song
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