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Kinect Sesame Street TV is an "interactive TV" project released by Sesame Workshop and Microsoft in 2012.[1]

The project features Sesame Street content especially for the Xbox Kinect system, allowing players to interact and appear on-screen with various characters; including Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Bert, Ernie, Guy Smiley, Prairie Dawn, The Count, Abby Cadabby, Telly Monster and two new characters - Cooper, a digital Muppet character created from motion capture technology and Paul Ball. Cooper also has two digital anthropomorphic objects as pals: Flash (a camera, used by the player to screen capture moments or objects in the episodes) and Mirror (a, well, mirror whose reflective function helps the player and Cooper play dress-up). Interactive versions of older material are included as well.

The first edition features 8 episodes, 30-minute versions of previously-aired episodes of Sesame Street from Season 42, featuring the street story and new interactive segments. The content is spread across 2 discs - labeled as "Volume 1" and "Volume 2" of "Season 1."

An additional eight episodes (from season 42), season 2, were released January 7, 2013 on the XBOX Marketplace. New segment features of the season include "Grovercise" and "Begin It To Win It," as well as new bilingual segments with Murray Monster.

The OIV ("Original Interactive Video") segments featuring the Muppet characters were filmed over the course of 17 days.[2]


Season 1, Volume 1 - Growing Up

Picture Description

Sponsors: F, 6, "Throw"

Baby Bear's Doll

Sponsors: K, 11, "Jump"

Goodbye Pacifier

Sponsors: V, 8


Sponsors: C, 4, "Throw"

  • Grover collects his 4 dropped coconuts.
  • Film: C words found in nature.
  • The Count presents the number 4.
  • Animation: Counting 4 flowers.
  • Elmo and Paul Ball play catch at the circus.
  • "1234" with Feist
  • Elmo's World: Birthdays

Season 1, Volume 2 - Science

Season 2




Like other Xbox games, the game features many "achievements" for the player to achieve for a higher Gamerscore.

Season 1

All the King's Cartons

  • You found all the egg cartons in Humpty's Big Break!

Baby Bear's Baby Doll

  • You watched all of the interactive episode: Baby Bear's Baby Doll

Bottle Bear

  • You found all baby bottles in Baby Bear's Baby Doll!

Bubble Pop

  • You popped all the bubbles in Elmo's World Birthdays or Frogs!

Bubble Raider

  • You found all the golden bubbles in Bubblefest!


  • You watched all of the interactive episode: Bubblefest

Bunny Bash

  • You found all the white bunnies in Goodbye Pacifier!

Coconut Delivery Monster

  • You helped Grover get all six of his coconuts back!

Day at the Beach

  • You touched all the fun beach stuff in Elmo's World Beach!

Doggie Do

  • You helped Abby cut lots of doggie hair!

Dolphin, Dirigible, Dentist

  • You got the right letters on the Letter D Show! Well clapped!

Eleven - Ah ah ah!

  • You stood still like a statue so the Count could count to 11!


  • You watched all of the interactive episode: Elmozilla

Failure to Launch

  • You watched all of the interactive episode: Failure to Launch

Farmer Elmo

  • You threw Paul Ball to Elmo at the farm!


  • You stood in front of mirror and Cooper dressed like you!

Float my Boat

  • You found all the toy boats in Rocco's Boat!

Go Deep

  • You lobbed a high coconut to Grover!

Gong Crazy

  • You jumped up and down to play Ernie's gongs!

Goodbye Pacifier

  • You watched all of the interactive episode: Goodbye Pacifier

Greener Thumb

  • You watered all the seeds in all the jars in Elmo's World Flowers!

Hang Ten

  • You went surfing in Elmo's World!

Herd 'Em Cowboy

  • You touched all the horses and cows in Elmo's World Horses!

Humpty's Big Break

  • You watched all of the interactive episode: Humpty's Big Break

Jump, Jump, Jump

  • You jumped lots and lots for the Letter Tree!

Let's Be Friends

  • You joined in Elmo's World with another friend!


  • You found all the launchers in Failure to Launch!


  • You played all the notes on the piano in Elmo's World!

Magnolia Dream

  • You touched all the frogs in Elmo's World Frogs!

Music Lover

  • You hit all the notes in Elmo's World Violins!


  • Your jumping made a kayak fall from the Letter Tree!

Pool Playtime

  • You played with all the toys in the pool in Elmo's World Water!


  • You threw Paul Ball to Elmo at the circus!

Rocco's Boat

  • You watched all of the interactive episode: Rocco's Boat


  • You touched all the wild animals in Elmo's World Wild Animals!

Ruler Mania

  • You found all the rulers in Elmozilla!

Scribble Hunt

  • You found all the crayons in Siblings!


  • You watched all of the interactive episode: Siblings

Sun and Moon

  • You touched the sun and the moon in Elmo's World!


  • You helped Ernie play his bells!

Viva Piรฑata

  • You broke the piรฑata in Elmo's World!

Wind Down

  • You sat back, relaxed and enjoyed an Episode!


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