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King Gerry the Generous is the titular character in the story of "The King's Apples", read by Bob. He is a generous monarch who loves apples more than anything. One day he had three apples and offered to give two of them to his daughter, Princess Geraldine, who was going on a picnic with her boyfriend, Nick, and had nothing for dessert. Some time later, without thinking, he made the same offer to his doctor, who planned to meet a fellow colleague for lunch. Only then did the king realize that he didn't have enough apples to give away. Luckily, his Royal Apple Tree supplied him with three more apples. He gave two to his daughter, two to the doctor, and one to Bob, keeping the remaining one for himself.

In addition to his sharing of apples, King Gerry's generosity is also apparent in that he does not try to stand in the way of his daughter's relationship with her boyfriend, despite his distaste for Nick.