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<center><span style="font-size:14px; font-weight:bold;">[[Kissing_Muppets#Muppets_.26_Humans|Muppets &amp; Humans]] • [[Kissing_Muppets#Muppets_.26_Muppets|Muppets &amp; Muppets]]<br>[[Kissing_Muppets#Muppets_.26_Animals|Muppets &amp; Animals]] • [[Kissing_Muppets#Muppets_.26_Kids|Muppets &amp; Kids]] • [[Kissing_Muppets#Kermit_.26_Piggy|Kermit &amp; Piggy]] • [[Kissing_Muppets#Creatures|Creatures]] </span></center>
<center><span style="font-size:14px; font-weight:bold;"><big><big>[[Muppets kissing humans|Muppets &amp; Humans]] • [[Muppets kissing Muppets|Muppets &amp; Muppets]]</big></big><br>[[Kissing_Muppets#Muppets_.26_Animals|Muppets &amp; Animals]] • [[Kissing_Muppets#Muppets_.26_Kids|Muppets &amp; Kids]] • [[Kissing_Muppets#Kermit_.26_Piggy|Kermit &amp; Piggy]] • [[Kissing_Muppets#Creatures|Creatures]] </span></center>
[[File:Miss Piggy Kissy Kissy Feb 2014|450px|center]]
[[File:Miss Piggy Kissy Kissy Feb 2014|450px|center]]
==Muppets & Humans==
<gallery widths="200" spacing="small" orientation="square">
4930-SMOOCH.png|{{GNH|[[Alan]] and a camel|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4930]]}}
Kiss Paula Abdul and Rizzo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Paula Abdul]] & [[Rizzo the Rat]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 206: Paula Abdul|episode 206]]}}
MT-206-PaulaAbdulKissesBunsen,Beaker,Bobo&Clifford.jpg|{{GNH|[[Paula Abdul]] &<br>[[Dr. Bunsen Honeydew|Bunsen]], [[Beaker]], [[Bobo the Bear|Bobo]] and [[Clifford]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 206: Paula Abdul|episode 206]]}}
Kiss-CakenAlba.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jessica Alba]] & [[Birthday Cake|a cake]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4184]]}}
Kiss_pepe_jason_alexander.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jason Alexander]] & [[Pepe]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 108: Jason Alexander|episode 108]]}}
Kiss-MissPiggy&PeterAlexander-(1977).png|{{GNH|[[Peter Alexander]] & [[Miss Piggy]]|''[[Peter Alexander präsentiert Spezialitäten]]''}}
Allen elmo kiss.JPG|{{GNH|[[Debbie Allen]] & [[Elmo]]|[[Celebration of Diversity Awards]]}}
Kiss_Kermit_Kirstie_Alley.jpg|{{GNH|[[Kirstie Alley]] & [[Kermit the Frog]]|[[Pirates_of_the_Caribbean#On_Stranger_Tides|World Premiere of ''Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'']]}}
JulieOnSesame-JulieBigBirdKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Julie Andrews]] & [[Big Bird]]|''[[Julie on Sesame Street]]''}}
JulieOnSesame-JulieCookieKiss.jpg|{{GNH|Julie Andrews & [[Cookie Monster]]|''Julie on Sesame Street''}}
Kiss Elmo Christina Applegate.jpg|{{GNH|[[Christina Applegate]] & Elmo|''[[Sesame Street]]'' [[Episode 4208]]}}
ApplegatePiggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Christina Applegate]]'s daughter Sadie Grace & [[Miss Piggy]]|[https://twitter.com/1capplegate/status/643192983274172416 Tweet] from the set of ''[[The Muppets (2015)|The Muppets]]''}}
Kiss-Ashanti.jpg|{{GNH|[[Ashanti]] ([[Dorothy Gale]]) & [[Fozzie Bear]]|''[[The Muppets' Wizard of Oz]]''}}
PiggyCharlesAznavourKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Charles Aznavour]] & [[Miss Piggy]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 109: Charles Aznavour|episode 109]]}}
Catherine Bach Toys R' Us Children Fund.jpg|{{GNH|Catherine Bach & Elmo|[[Toys R' Us Children's Fund]]}}
Baez_oscar.JPG|{{GNH|[[Joan Baez]] & [[Oscar the Grouch]]|[[The Clearwater Concert: Creating the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders|The Clearwater Concert]]}}
Kiss_Linda_Barnard_Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|Linda Barnard & Kermit|''[[The Toronto Star]]''}}
kiss - Gina and Count 2546.jpg|{{GNH|[[Alison Bartlett]] ([[Gina]]) & [[Count von Count|The Count]]|[[Episode 2546]]}}
Gina kiss Elmo visit doctor.jpg|{{GNH|[[Alison Bartlett]] ([[Gina]]) & Elmo|''[[Elmo Visits the Doctor]]''}}
Kiss-2960.jpg|{{GNH|[[Alison Bartlett]] ([[Gina]]) & [[Wolfgang the Seal|Wolfgang]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 2960]]}}
Kiss Gina Elmo archive footage Stars and Street Forever.jpg|{{GNH|[[Alison Bartlett]] ([[Gina]]) & Elmo|[[Episode 3179]]}}
Kissing_Roseanne_Barr.jpg|{{GNH|[[Roseanne Barr]] & Kermit|''[[The Roseanne Show]]''}}
ESPN-SportsNation-MichelleBeadle&Kermit-Kiss-(2014-03-07).png|{{GNH|Michelle Beadle & [[Kermit the Frog]]|''[[SportsNation]]''}}
Kiss Amanda Beard Bunsen.jpg|{{GNH|[[Amanda Beard]] & [[Bunsen]]|[[ESPYs]] PSA}}
Kiss Dani Behr Kermit Gonzo.jpg|{{GNH|Dani Behr & Kermit & Gonzo|''[[Hotel Babylon]]''}}
Harrybelafonte.jpg|{{GNH|[[Harry Belafonte]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 314: Harry Belafonte|episode 314]]}}
Kiss_marisa_piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Marisa Berenson]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 310: Marisa Berenson|episode 310]]}}
Kiss-TomBergeron-AbbyCadabby-(2012-11-15).jpg|{{GNH|[[Tom Bergeron]] & [[Abby Cadabby]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4412]]}}
Kiss Big Bird watcher.jpg|{{GNH|bird watcher & [[Big Bird]]|''[[The Ed Sullivan Show]]''}}
Blackner_kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Danny Blackner]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Muppet Treasure Island]]''}}
WWE-Raw-Kiss-Kermit-KellyKelly-(2011-10-31).png|{{GNH|[[Kelly Kelly|Barbara Jean Blank]] & Kermit|''[[WWE|WWE Raw SuperShow]]'' (2011)}}
Kermit kiss Tom.jpg|{{GNH|[[Larry Block]] ([[Tom]]) & Kermit|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 0295]]}}
Bloombergkiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Michael Bloomberg]] & Miss Piggy|[[New York City Family Ambassadors]] press conference in 2012}}
Kiss-MOMI-Piggy&Bloomberg-(2013-05-21).png|{{GNH|Michael Bloomberg & Miss Piggy|[[Museum of the Moving Image|MOMI]] press conference in 2013}}
Kiss Andrea Bocelli Elmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Andrea Bocelli]] & Elmo|"[[Time to Say Goodnight]]"}}
TheJonathanRossShow-Kiss-Piggy&HughBonneville-(2012-01-25).jpg|{{GNH|[[Hugh Bonneville]] & Miss Piggy|''[[The Jonathan Ross Show]]'' (2012)}}
kiss Linda Elmo 20 Counting.jpg|{{GNH|[[Linda Bove]] ([[Linda]]) & Elmo|''[[Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting]]''}}
Kiss Jackie Brambles Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|Jackie Brambles & Kermit|''[[Loose Women]]''}}
Kiss-susanbrookes.jpg|{{GNH|[[Susan Brookes]] & Miss Piggy|''[[This Morning]]''}}
Kiss-EmmaBunton&Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Emma Bunton]] & Kermit|[[Heart (radio network)|''Heart Breakfast'']] (2014)}}
Bushyelmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jenna Bush Hager|Jenna]], Barbara Bush & Elmo|2007 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala|Sesame Gala]]}}
Jenna Bush kiss Big Bird.jpg|{{GNH|Jenna Bush & Big Bird|''[[Today]]'' (2015)}}
Dyan quongo kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Dyan Cannon]] & [[Quongo]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 404: Dyan Cannon|episode 404]]}}
HDIF-Kiss02.jpg|{{GNH|[[Amy Carichhoff]] ([[Katie (Sesame English)|Katie]]) & [[Tingo]]|''[[Sesame English]]'' "[[How Does It Feel?]]"}}
Kiss-LeslieCarrara-Rudolph&Gladys.jpg|{{GNH|[[Leslie Carrara-Rudolph]] & [[Gladys the Cow|Gladys]]|[[Facebook]] (2015)}}
Kiss-Carroll.jpg|{{GNH|[[Diahann Carroll]] & Kermit the Frog|''[[The Flip Wilson Show]]''}}
Kiss Johnny Carson Piggy July 12 1984.jpg|{{GNH|[[Johnny Carson]] & Piggy|''[[The Tonight Show]]'' July 12, 1984}}
Lynda_scooter_kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lynda Carter]] & [[Scooter]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 419: Lynda Carter|episode 419]]}}
Johnny cash and miss piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Johnny Cash]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 521: Johnny Cash|episode 521]]}}
Kiss channing link.jpg|{{GNH|[[Carol Channing]] & [[Link Hogthrob]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 423: Carol Channing|episode 423]]}}
3244-Beso.jpg|{{GNH|[[Celina]] & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 3244]]}}
Kristin Chenoweth and Elmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Kristin Chenoweth]] & Elmo|[[Drama League of New York]] 2012 benefit}}
kiss Maksim Chmerkovskiy Miss Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Maksim Chmerkovskiy]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Dancing with the Stars]]'' 2009}}
kiss Christina Cindrich and Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Christina Cindrich]] & Kermit|''[[Jimmy Kimmel Live]]'' October 3, 2003}}
Kiss_Elmo_Clinton.png|{{GNH|[[Chelsea Clinton]] & [[Elmo]]|''[[People]]''}}
Kiss_Rosita_Clinton.jpg|{{GNH|[[Chelsea Clinton]] & [[Rosita]]|Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting}}
Kiss_Oscar_Hillary_Clinton.jpg|{{GNH|[[Hillary Clinton]] & [[Oscar the Grouch]]|''[[The Rosie O'Donnell Show]]''}}
Close&Oscar.jpg|{{GNH|[[Glenn Close]] & Oscar the Grouch|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 2729]]}}
Glenn Close 2003 gala.jpg|{{GNH|[[Glenn Close]] & Elmo|2003 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala]]}}
Judy Collins kisses Kermit Songwriters Hall of Fame.jpg|{{GNH|[[Judy Collins]] & Kermit|2001 [[Songwriters Hall of Fame]]}}
Kiss-kellytulisa.jpg|{{GNH|Tulisa Contostavlos & [[Statler]]|''[[The X Factor]]''}}
Abbyjoan.jpg|{{GNH|[[Joan Ganz Cooney]] & [[Abby Cadabby]]|[[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala|2011 Sesame Gala]]}}
Kiss Joan Ganz Cooney May 29 2013.jpg|{{GNH|[[Joan Ganz Cooney]] & [[Murray Monster]]|2013 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala]]}}
Kiss Ximena Despierta America.jpg|{{GNH|Ximena Córdoba & Kermit|''[[¡Despierta América!]]''}}
Kiss-Ismael.png|{{GNH|[[Ismael Cruz Córdova]] & Elmo|[[Season 44 (2013-2014)|''Sesame Street'' season 44 callback]]}}
Kiss-Mando.png|{{GNH|Ismael Cruz Córdova ([[Armando]]) & [[Rosita]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4408]]}}
Kiss Katie Couric and The Count.jpg|{{GNH|[[Katie Couric]] & [[Count von Count|The Count]]|''[[Today]]'' (''[[Time and Again]]'')}}
Courickiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Katie Couric]] & Elmo|2003 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala|Sesame Gala]]}}
Motown5.jpg|{{GNH|Katie Couric & Elmo|[[Hollywood Meets Motown]]}}
Kiss--Elmo&Katie.png|{{GNH|Katie Couric & Elmo|''[[Katie (talk show)|Katie]]'', July 28, 2014}}
PiratesOfTheCaribbean4-WorldPremiere-(2011-05-09)-18.jpg|{{GNH|[[Penelope Cruz]] & Kermit|[[Pirates_of_the_Caribbean#On_Stranger_Tides|World Premiere of ''Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'']]}}
Curry_kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Tim Curry]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Muppet Treasure Island]]''}}
Kiss-mileyanimal.jpg|{{GNH|[[Miley Cyrus]] & [[Animal]]|''[[Studio DC Hosted by Dylan and Cole Sprouse|Studio DC: Almost Live!]]''}}
Kiss beaker mac davis.jpg|{{GNH|[[Mac Davis]] & [[Beaker]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 514: Mac Davis|episode 514]]}}
Kiss-elmo-warwickdavis.jpg|{{GNH|[[Warwick Davis]] & Elmo|rickygervais.com}}
Dawson.JPG|{{GNH|[[Richard Dawson]] & a [[Horses|horse]]|''[[Sesame Street]]''}}
DawsonKiss.jpg|{{GNH|Richard Dawson & [[The Hungry Family]]|''Sesame Street''}}
Kissing ellen kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Ellen DeGeneres]] & Kermit|''[[The Ellen DeGeneres Show]]''}}
EllenDegeneresKissingOscar-2017-01-10.png|{{GNH|Ellen DeGeneres & Oscar the Grouch|''The Ellen DeGeneres Show''}}
Lea DeLaria Kermit June 4 2015.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lea DeLaria]] & Kermit|[[Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art]] (2015)}}
Kiss Dom DeLuise Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Dom DeLuise]] & Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 211: Dom DeLuise|episode 211]]}}
Denirokiss.JPG|{{GNH|[[Robert De Niro]] & Miss Piggy|[[Tribeca Film Festival]] premiere of ''[[The Muppets' Wizard of Oz]]''}}
AChristmasTogether-PiggyKissesJohnDenver.jpg|{{GNH|[[John Denver]] & Miss Piggy|''[[John Denver & the Muppets: A Christmas Together]]''}}
PleasureCompany18.jpg|{{GNH|[[John Denver]] & Miss Piggy|''A Christmas Together''}}
Kiss denver piggy xmas together promo.jpg|{{GNH|John Denver & Miss Piggy|''A Christmas Together'' promo}}
Kiss Phyllis Diller Rowlf.jpg|{{GNH|[[Phyllis Diller]] & [[Rowlf the Dog|Rowlf]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 118: Phyllis Diller|episode 118]]}}
Kiss-MelissaDiMarco.jpg|{{GNH|Melissa DiMarco & Kermit|''[[Out There with Melissa DiMarco]]''}}
Kiss-Dion.jpg|{{GNH|[[Celine Dion]] & Herry|"[[Happy to Meet You]]"}}
Kiss-Jenny&Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Juliana Donald]] & Kermit|''[[The Muppets Take Manhattan]]''}}
kiss Fran Drescher Elmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Fran Drescher]] & Elmo|30th Anniversary promo}}
Kiss hilda sandy duncan.jpg|{{GNH|[[Sandy Duncan]] & [[Hilda]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 114: Sandy Duncan|episode 114]]}}
Elton&MissPiggy-(2014).png|{{GNH|Alexander Duszat & Miss Piggy|Promoting ''[[Muppets Most Wanted (Germany)|Muppets Most Wanted]]'' in [[Berlin]], [[Germany]] in 2014}}
Kiss Barbara Eden Herry.jpg|{{GNH|[[Barbara Eden]] & [[Herry Monster]]|''[[Out to Lunch]]''}}
Kermit kissing Susan Egan.JPG|{{GNH|[[Susan Egan]] & Kermit the Frog|The 2000 [[American Academy of Dramatic Arts]] opening party}}
Electra.JPG|{{GNH|[[Carmen Electra]] & [[Red Fraggle]]|2009 [[Fraggle Rock Holiday Toy Drive Benefit]]}}
Kiss Jenna Elfman and Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jenna Elfman]] & Kermit|''[[The Tonight Show]]'' November 12, 1996}}
Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 7.48.43 PM.png|{{GNH|[[En Vogue|Terry Ellis]] and [[Frazzle]]}} ''[[Elmopalooza]]''
Kiss_Elmo_Gloria_Estefan.jpg|{{GNH|[[Gloria Estefan]] & Elmo|''[[The Rosie O'Donnell Show]]''}}
Kiss Elmo Edie Falco.jpg|{{GNH|[[Edie Falco]] & Elmo|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 3995]]}}
Kiss-MiaFarrow.jpg|{{GNH|[[Mia Farrow]] & [[Thog]], [[Brewster]], [[Frogs]], [[Miss Mousey]]|''[[The Muppets Valentine Show]]''}}
kiss Feist Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Leslie Feist]] & Kermit|2008 [[Grammy Awards]]}}
Kiss-Fiest.jpg|{{GNH|[[Leslie Feist]] & [[The Snowths|a Snowth]]|''[[The Muppets (2011)|The Muppets]]''}}
File:Kiss Tina Fey Kermit outtake.gif|{{GNH|[[Tina Fey]] & Kermit|''Muppets Most Wanted'' [[Muppet bloopers|blooper reel]]}}
DasHerbstfestDerTräume-HeleneFischer-BertKiss-(2013-10-12).png|{{GNH|[[Helene Fischer]] & [[International Bert#germany4|Bert]]|''[[Das Herbstfest der Träume]]''}}
DasHerbstfestDerTräume-HeleneFischer-ErnieKiss-(2013-10-12).png|{{GNH|Helene Fischer & [[International Ernie#germany5|Ernie]]|''Das Herbstfest der Träume''}}
Kiss_hobo_joe_whatnot.jpg|{{GNH|[[Zach Galifianakis]] ([[Hobo Joe]])<br>& [[Hobos|Hobo Whatnot]]|''[[Muppets Most Wanted]]''}}
Lady gaga kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lady Gaga]] & Kermit the Frog|The 2009 ''[[MTV Video Music Awards]]'' preshow}}
Kiss gaga kermit holiday.jpg|{{GNH|Lady Gaga & Kermit|''[[Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular]]''}}
Kiss Teri Garr Oscar.jpg|{{GNH|[[Teri Garr]] & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 2223]]}}
Kiss_Elmo_Roberta_Flack.jpg|{{GNH|[[Roberta Flack]] & Elmo|''[[The Rosie O'Donnell Show on Sesame Street|The Rosie O'Donnell Show]]''}}
Kiss-VinceGill-piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Vince Gill]] & Miss Piggy|''[[CMA Country Christmas]]''}}
Kiss Whoopi Clifford.jpg|{{GNH|Whoopi Goldberg & [[Clifford]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 109: Whoopi Goldberg|episode 109]]}}
Kiss_kami_whoopi.jpg|{{GNH|Whoopi Goldberg & [[Kami]]|[[United Nations|2002 World AIDS Day]]}}
Whoopieaziboelmo.jpg|{{GNH|Whoopi Goldberg, [[Azibo the Monster|Azibo]] & Elmo|2007 ''[[Panwapa]]'' launch}}
Elmo_kiss_whoopi.jpg|{{GNH|Whoopi Goldberg & Elmo|backstage on ''[[Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]]''}}
Whoopi Kiss The View May 21 2008.jpg|{{GNH|[[Whoopi Goldberg]] & Kermit & Fozzie|''[[The View]]'' May 21, 2008}}
Kiss Whoopi Pepe.jpg|{{GNH|Whoopi Goldberg & [[Pepe]]|''[[The View]]'' Nov 13, 2013}}
SelenaGomezKissKermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Selena Gomez]] & Kermit the Frog|[[Association of Zoos & Aquariums]] PSA}}
kiss Jacque Gonzales Pepe.jpg|{{GNH|Jacque Gonzales & Pepe|[[QVC]], March 16, 2014}}
Kiss_piggy_John_Goodman.jpg|{{GNH|[[John Goodman]] & Miss Piggy|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 104: John Goodman|episode 104]]}}
kiss Piggy Topher Grace.jpg|{{GNH|[[Topher Grace]] & Miss Piggy|[[The Muppets 2015 Presentation Pilot]]}}
Kiss Denyce Graves Elmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Denyce Graves]] & Elmo|"[[Operatic Lullaby]]"}}
Kiss joel grey whatnot.jpg|{{GNH|[[Joel Grey]] & a [[Whatnots|Whatnot]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 103: Joel Grey|episode 103]]}}
Kiss-KathyGriffin.jpg|{{GNH|[[Kathy Griffin]] & [[Animal]]|''[[Muppets from Space]]''}}
TheMuppets-S01E02-MissPiggy&JoshGroban-Kiss.png|{{GNH|[[Josh Groban]] & Miss Piggy|''[[The Muppets (2015)|The Muppets]]''<br>''[[Episode 102: Hostile Makeover]]''}}
Today-TamronHall&Kermit-Kiss-(2014-03-19).jpg|{{GNH|Tamron Hall & Kermit|''[[Today|The Today Show]]''}}
TheFantasticMissPiggyShow-GH-Kissfest.png|{{GNH|[[George Hamilton]] & Miss Piggy|''[[The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show]]''}}
Kiss_Piggy_George_Hamilton.jpg|{{GNH|George Hamilton & Miss Piggy|''The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show''}}
Kiss-Hamilton.jpg|{{GNH|George Hamilton & Miss Piggy|''The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show''}}
BAFTA-Awards-2012-Kiss-Piggy&JohnHamm.png|{{GNH|[[Jon Hamm]] & Miss Piggy|[[BAFTA Awards|BAFTA Awards 2012]]}}
kiss Chelsea Handler and Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Chelsea Handler]] & Piggy|''[[The Muppets (2015)|The Muppets]]'' "[[Episode 108: Too Hot to Handler|Too Hot to Handler]]"}}
TheMuppets-S01E08-Kiss-Scooter&ChelseaHandler.png|{{GNH|[[Chelsea Handler]] & Scooter|''[[The Muppets (2015)|The Muppets]]'' "[[Episode 108: Too Hot to Handler|Too Hot to Handler]]"}}
Debbie_kissing_mulch.jpg|{{GNH|[[Debbie Harry]] & [[Mulch]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 509: Debbie Harry|episode 509]]}}
Kiss_Kermit_Samantha_Harris.jpg|{{GNH|[[Samantha Harris]] & Kermit|''[[Entertainment Tonight]]''}}
PiratesOfTheCaribbean4-WorldPremiere-(2011-05-09)-16.jpg|{{GNH|[[Teri Hatcher]] & Kermit|[[Pirates_of_the_Caribbean#On_Stranger_Tides|World Premiere of ''Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'']]}}
Kiss_Kermit_Goldie_Hawn.jpg|{{GNH|[[Goldie Hawn]] & Kermit|''[[Pure Goldie]]''}}
Sambala Oct 30 1994 benefit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Tippi Hedren]] & Kermit|[[Shambala Wild Animal Protection Act of 2000|Shambala Benefit]] October 30, 1994}}
TheHollywoodWalkOfFame-Kiss-Kermit&TippiHedren-(2002-11-15).jpg|{{GNH|[[Tippi Hedren]] & Kermit|[[The Hollywood Walk of Fame]]}}
kiss Florence Henderson Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Florence Henderson]] & Kermit|''[[The Mike Douglas Show]]''}}
Kiss_kermit_florence_henderson.jpg|{{GNH|[[Florence Henderson]] & Kermit|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 107: Florence Henderson|episode 107]]}}
Kiss_Oscar_Cheryl_Henson.jpg|{{GNH|[[Cheryl Henson]], [[Caroll Spinney]] & Oscar|2006 [[Daytime Emmy Awards]]}}
BAFTA-Awards-2012-Kiss-Piggy&TomHiddleston.png|{{GNH|[[Tom Hiddleston]] & Miss Piggy|[[BAFTA Awards|BAFTA Awards 2012]]}}
BAFTA-Awards-2012-Kiss-Piggy&JonahHill.png|{{GNH|[[Jonah Hill]] & Miss Piggy|[[BAFTA Awards|BAFTA Awards 2012]]}}
Kiss gonzo bob hope.jpg|{{GNH|[[Bob Hope]] & [[Gonzo]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 221: Bob Hope|episode 221]]}}
Kiss-TheBobHopeAllStarChristmasComedySpecial-(1977-12-19).png|{{GNH|Bob Hope, Miss Piggy & [[Rowlf the Dog|Rowlf]]|''[[The Bob Hope All Star Christmas Comedy Special]]''}}
Kiss fozzie lena horne.jpg|{{GNH|Lena Horne & Fozzie|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 111: Lena Horne|episode 111]]}}
LenaGroverKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lena Horne]] & [[Grover]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 0536]]}}
Kiss Blotch Krassman.jpg|{{GNH|[[John Hostetter]] & [[Blotch]]|''[[Kermit's Swamp Years]]'' bloopers}}
DancingWithTheStars-PiggyKissingDerekHough-(2015-09-28).png|{{GNH|Derek Hough & Miss Piggy|''[[Dancing with the Stars]]''}}
PiratesOfTheCaribbean4-WorldPremiere-(2011-05-09)-15.jpg|{{GNH|[[Vanessa Hudgens]] & Kermit|[[Pirates_of_the_Caribbean#On_Stranger_Tides|''Pirates of the Caribbean 4'' premiere]]}}
UK-TV-KermitKiss.png|{{GNH|Kermit & Gloria Hunniford|[[Royal Variety Performance#1993|''Royal Variety Performance'' 1993]]}}
John Inman (3).png|{{GNH|[[John Inman]] & Kermit the Frog|''[[Des O'Connor Entertains]]''}}
Kiss-Al_Jarreau.jpg|{{GNH|[[Al Jarreau]] & Kermit|''[[Happy New Year, America]]''}}
Kiss Katherine Jenkins and Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Katherine Jenkins]] & Kermit|''[[A Christmas Cracker]]''}}
TMS-214-PiggyEltonJohnKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Elton John]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 214: Elton John|episode 214]]}}
Kiss Ulrika Jonsson kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Ulrika Jonsson]] & Kermit|[[Children in Need]] 1997}}
Kiss Mindy Kaling Gonzo.jpg|{{GNH|Mindy Kaling & Gonzo|2014 [[Auto Club 400]]}}
kiss Kermit and Adriana Karembeu.jpg|{{GNH|[[Adriana Karembeu]] & Kermit|''Muppets TV'' [[Episode 101: Pascal Obispo & Adriana Karembeu|episode 1]]}}
VH1Kiss.png|{{GNH|[[Carrie Keagan]] & Kermit the Frog|''[[VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live]]''}}
VerleihungDerGoldenenKamera-Kiss-HapeKerkeling&MissPiggy-(2012-02-04).jpg|{{GNH|[[Hape Kerkeling]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Verleihung der Goldenen Kamera]]''}}
AGTChampions - Heidi 2.jpg|{{GNH|[[Heidi Klum]] & Rowlf|Backstage of ''[[America's Got Talent]]''}}
Kiss-Chris.png|{{GNH|[[Chris Knowings]] ([[Chris]]) & Rosita|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4408]]}}
Kiss-AmeliaKuhhart&Mehmet-Sesamstrasse-(2007).png|{{GNH|[[Amelia Kuhhart]] & [[Mehmet Yilmaz|Mehmet]]|''[[Sesamstrasse]]'' [[Folge 2389]]}}
Blake Lively SNL.jpg|{{GNH|[[Blake Lively]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Saturday Night Live]]''}}
Heatherlocklear-kiss-beaker.gif|{{GNH|[[Heather Locklear]] & [[Beaker]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 203: Heather Locklear|episode 203]]}}
Juanes.jpg|{{GNH|[[Juanes]] & [[Zoe]]|2010 [[AFTRA Media and Entertainment Excellence Awards|AFTRA Awards]]}}
SE-Kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Kelly Karbacz]] ([[Niki]]) & Tingo|''Sesame English'' theme}}
HDIF-Kiss01.jpg|{{GNH|Kelly Karbacz & Tingo|''Sesame English'' "[[How Does It Feel?]]"}}
Kiss-dannykaye&piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Danny Kaye]] and Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 316: Danny Kaye|episode 316]]}}
ToriKellyKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Tori Kelly]] and Elmo|Tori Kelly's [[Snapchat]] account}}
Kiss-Countdown Alicia Keys.jpg|{{GNH|[[Alicia Keys]] and Elmo|''[[Elmo's Christmas Countdown]]''}}
TMS-301-PiggyKrisKristoffersonKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Kris Kristofferson]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 301: Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge|episode 301]]}}
Image:Kiss-marimoon.jpg|{{GNH|MariMoon & Kermit|''[[Os Muppets]]'' promotion}}
Kiss Nacion ESPN.jpg|{{GNH|Adriana Monsalve, Diana Alvarado & Kermit|''[[Nación ESPN]]''}}
Kiss kd lang cow.jpg|{{GNH|[[k.d. lang]] & a [[cows|cow]]|''The Jim Henson Hour'' [[Episode 109: Garbage|episode 109]]}}
File:Kiss Queen Latifah Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Queen Latifah]] & Kermit|''[[The Queen Latifah Show]]''}}
Today-MissPiggyKissedByMattLauer-(1997-10-17).jpg|{{GNH|[[Matt Lauer]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Today]]'' - October 17, 1997}}
Today-MissPiggyKissedByMattLauer-(1998-01-01).jpg|{{GNH|Matt Lauer & Miss Piggy|''[[Today]]'' - January 1, 1998}}
Kiss_Piggy_Lauer_2002.jpg|{{GNH|Matt Lauer & Miss Piggy|''[[Today]]'' - January 14, 2002}}
Piggylauer2007a.jpg|{{GNH|Matt Lauer & Miss Piggy|''[[Today]]'' - January 5, 2007}}
Lauerelmokiss.jpg|{{GNH|Matt Lauer & Elmo|''[[Today]]'' - June 6, 2012}}
Kiss-lindalavin-piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Linda Lavin]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 406: Linda Lavin|episode 406]]}}
kiss Beaker 2009 Webbys.jpg|{{GNH|Shira Lazar & [[Beaker]]|[[The_Webby_Awards#2009:_Beaker|2009 Webbys]]}}
Evangeline Lilly and Oscar.jpg|{{GNH|[[Evangeline Lilly]] & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Season 45 (2014-2015)|Season 45]]}}
UnsereGeschichte-AlsDieSesamstraßeNachDeutschlandKam-STL-Kiss.png|{{GNH|[[Lilo]] & [[Samson]]|''[[Sesamstrasse]]'' (on their first episode)}}
Sesamstrasse-Folge1566-Samson&Lilo-PieKiss.jpg|{{GNH|Lilo & Samson|''[[Sesamstrasse]]'' [[Folge 1566]]}}
Kiss_piggy_rich_little.jpg|{{GNH|[[Rich Little]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 204: Rich Little|episode 204]]}}
Kiss-evaelmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Eva Longoria]] & Elmo|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4212]]}}
Demibeaker.jpg|{{GNH|[[Demi Lovato]] & [[Beaker]]|''[[Studio DC Hosted by Selena Gomez]]''}}
Kiss Cynthia Loyst Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|Cynthia Loyst & Miss Piggy|''[[The Social]]''}}
2614zf.jpg|{{GNH|[[Luis]] & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 2614]]}}
2head.A3.jpg|{{GNH|Luis & [[Two-Headed Monster]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 1857]]}}
Kiss Luis chicken 4507.jpg|{{GNH|Luis & chicken|[[Episode 4507]]}}
MT-211-AndieMacDowellKermitKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Andie MacDowell]] & Kermit|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 211: Andie MacDowell|episode 211]]}}
kiss Kermit Natalie Maines.jpg|{{GNH|[[Dixie Chicks|Natalie Maines]] & Kermit|''[[Family Feud]]''}}
File:Kiss Melissa Manchester and a bull.jpg|{{GNH|[[Melissa Manchester]] & a [[bull]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 512: Melissa Manchester|episode 512]]}}
Kiss-GroverMaria.jpg|{{GNH|[[Sonia Manzano]] ([[Maria]]) & Grover|''Sesame Street'' [[Professor Grover#mariahead|sketch]]}}
0915 kiss Kermit Maria.jpg|{{GNH|Sonia Manzano (Maria) & Kermit|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 0915]]}}
1258g.jpg|{{GNH|Sonia Manzano (Maria) & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 1258]]}}
Kiss Maria Big Bird 1316.jpg|{{GNH|Sonia Manzano (Maria) & Big Bird|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 1316]]}}
Kiss-1316.jpg|{{GNH|Sonia Manzano (Maria) & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 1316]]}}
Kiss-2424.jpg|{{GNH|Sonia Manzano (Maria) & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 1969]]}}
Kiss_maria_big_bird_snuffy.jpg|{{GNH|Sonia Manzano (Maria) & Big Bird and Snuffy|''[[Big Bird's Story Time]]''}}
AbelardoKissing.jpg|{{GNH|Marcela & [[Abelardo Montoya]]|[[El Alfabeto de Montoya]]}}
Constance Marks 2011 Sundance fest.jpg|{{GNH|[[Constance Marks]] & Elmo|''[[Being Elmo]]'' publicity photo}}
Kiss-Diesperta.jpg|{{GNH|Karla Martínez & Cookie Monster|''[[¡Despierta América!]]''}}
Kiss_Oscar_Marlee_Matlin.jpg|{{GNH|[[Marlee Matlin]] & Oscar|"[[Just the Way You Are (song)|Just the Way You Are]]"}}
TheBachelorette Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|Emily Maynard & Kermit|''[[The Bachelorette]]''}}
Kiss Trevor McDonald Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Trevor McDonald]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Avenue of the Stars: 50 Years of ITV|Avenue of the Stars]]''}}
Reba McEntire kiss Elmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Reba McEntire]] & Elmo|''[[The Rosie O'Donnell Show]]''}}
Kiss-Prince-Bob.jpg|{{GNH|[[Bob McGrath]] ([[Bob]]) & [[Prince Charming]]|''Sesame Street''}}
PiratesOfTheCaribbean4-WorldPremiere-(2011-05-09)-19.jpg|{{GNH|[[Ian McShane]] & Kermit|[[Pirates_of_the_Caribbean#On_Stranger_Tides|World Premiere of ''Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'']]}}
elmomedinakiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Medina]] & Elmo|''[[Jul med Jeppe, Marie og Elmo]]''}}
Princessmelora.jpg|{{GNH|[[Princess Melora]] & [[Robin the Frog|Robin]]|''[[The Frog Prince]]''}}
Maria Menounos and Kermit The Frog.JPG|{{GNH|[[Maria Menounos]], Miss Piggy & Kermit the Frog|The 2004 ''[[Emmy Awards]]'' preshow}}
KissAttack-MissPiggy&MichaelMichalsky-(2012).jpg|{{GNH|[[Michael Michalsky]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Die Muppets (film)|Die Muppets]]'' promotion for [[Berlin]] Fashion Week, [[Germany]]}}
Bettemidler.jpg|{{GNH|[[Bette Midler]] & Miss Piggy|2012 ''[[Christmas in Rockefeller Center]]''}}
Kylieker.jpg|{{GNH|[[Kylie Minogue]] & Kermit the Frog|''[[An Audience with...|An Audience with Kylie Minogue]]''}}
Kiss Maia Mitchell Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Maia Mitchell]] & Kermit|[[Muppisodes]] behind-the-scenes}}
Kiss-MissPiggy&TheMiz-TributeToTheTroops-(2012-12-19).png|{{GNH|[[The Miz]] & Miss Piggy|''[[WWE|WWE Tribute to the Troops]]'' (2012)}}
Kiss piggy roger moore.jpg|{{GNH|[[Roger Moore]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 524: Roger Moore|episode 524]]}}
Roger Moore open mouth kiss Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|Roger Moore & Miss Piggy|episode 524, behind the scenes}}
Kiss-MonaLisa.jpg|{{GNH|[[Mona Lisa]] & Elmo|"[[Right in the Middle of My Face]]"}}
February 2004 Sophie Monk and Ollie.jpg|{{GNH|[[Sophie Monk]] & [[Ollie]]|Australian [[Nickelodeon]], 2004}}
Kiss_Kermit_Natalie_Morales.jpg|{{GNH|[[Natalie Morales]] & Kermit|''[[Today]]'', Dec 2009}}
Kiss rita moreno bar patron.jpg|{{GNH|[[Rita Moreno]] & a [[Full-Bodied Humanoids|bar patron]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 105: Rita Moreno|episode 105]]}}
JayePSmooch.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jaye P. Morgan]] & [[Dr. Teeth]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 218: Jaye P. Morgan|episode 218]]}}
kiss Bobby Moynihan and Miss Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Bobby Moynihan]] & Miss Piggy|[[The Muppets Take the Bowl]]}}
Kiss-Pops.jpg|{{GNH|[[Alan Muraoka]] ([[Alan]]) & [[Rosita]]|''[[Evening at the Pops]]''}}
Vlcsnap-2016-11-03-05h33m58s391.png|{{GNH|[[Alan Muraoka]] ([[Alan]]) & [[Telly Monster|Telly]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4015]]}}
Kiss-AnneM.jpg|{{GNH|[[Anne Murray]] & Big Bird|''[[A Special Sesame Street Christmas]]''}}
TheMuppets-UK-Premiere-Kiss-OllyMurs&MissPiggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Olly Murs]] & Miss Piggy|''[[The Muppets (2011)|The Muppets]]'' premiere, [[United Kingdom|UK]]}}
OllyMurs-MissPiggy-Kiss.jpg|{{GNH|Olly Murs & Miss Piggy|''[[The Muppets (2011)|The Muppets]]'' [[United Kingdom|UK]] publicity tour}}
Kiss Jim Nabors and Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jim Nabors]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 106: Jim Nabors|episode 106]]}}
Kissing-Beaker-PetraNemcova.jpg|{{GNH|[[Petra Němcová]] & Beaker|''[[A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa]]''}}
Kiss Piggy Rudolf Nureyev.jpg|{{GNH|[[Rudolf Nureyev]] & Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 213: Rudolf Nureyev|episode 213]]}}
kiss Michelle Obama Abby Cadabby.jpg|{{GNH|[[Michelle Obama]] & Abby|[[The National Christmas Tree Lighting|2013 Tree Lighting]]}}
Kermit kisses Michelle Obama.jpg|{{GNH|[[Michelle Obama]] & Kermit|''Muppets Most Wanted'' [[The White House|White House]] screening}}
Soledad O'Brien 2008 gala.jpg|{{GNH|[[Soledad O'Brien]] & Elmo|2008 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala]]}}
Kiss elmo rosie sesame set.jpg|{{GNH|[[Rosie O'Donnell]] & Elmo|''[[The Rosie O'Donnell Show]]''}}
Kiss Piggy Reinout Oerlemans.jpg|{{GNH|Reinout Oerlemans & Miss Piggy|''[[De 10|10 Biggest Bitches]]''}}
O'Neill_Kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Ed O'Neill]] & Elmo|The 2010 [[Peabody Awards]]}}
Kiss_elmo_gordon_emergency_psa.jpg|{{GNH|[[Roscoe Orman]] ([[Gordon]]) & Elmo|[[Sesame Street Emergency PSAs]]}}
Kiss-Ozzy&MissPiggy-(1994).jpg|{{GNH|[[Ozzy Osbourne]] & Miss Piggy|Recording ''[[Kermit Unpigged]]''}}
Sharonoz.jpg|{{GNH|[[Sharon Osbourne]] & Fozzie Bear|''[[Jimmy Kimmel Live]]''}}
MarieOsmond-BigBird--Kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Marie Osmond]] & Big Bird|''[[Donny & Marie (1976 series)|Donny & Marie]]'' (1977)}}
Kiss-marieosmond.jpg|{{GNH|Marie Osmond & [[Bear]]|''[[Donny & Marie (1998 series)|Donny & Marie]]'' (1999)}}
SAT.1-Frühstücksfernsehen-Kiss-Kermit&SimonePanteleit-(2012-01-20).jpg|{{GNH|[[Simone Panteleit]] & Kermit the Frog|''[[Die Muppets (film)|Die Muppets]]'' promotion, [[Germany]]}}
Kiss-parkinson.jpg|{{GNH|[[Michael Parkinson]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Parkinson]]''}}
kiss doc sprocket 108.jpg|{{GNH|[[Gerry Parkes]] ([[Doc]]) and [[Sprocket]]|''Fraggle Rock'' "[[Episode 108: The Terrible Tunnel|The Terrible Tunnel]]"}}
GP-Kiss02.jpg|{{GNH|Gerry Parkes and Sprocket|''Fraggle Rock'' "[[Episode 120: The Garden Plot|The Garden Plot]]"}}
Kiss-robinBernadettePeters.jpg|{{GNH|[[Bernadette Peters]] & [[Robin the Frog]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 212: Bernadette Peters|episode 212]]}}
Kiss Bernadette Peters Kermit Tonight Show 1979.jpg|{{GNH|Bernadette Peters & Kermit|''[[The Tonight Show]]'' 1979}}
Kiss bear regis xmas eve.jpg|{{GNH|[[Regis Philbin]] & [[Bear]]|''[[Live!|Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee]]'' December 24, 1999}}
Kiss Regis Piggy 1996.jpg|{{GNH|Regis Philbin & Miss Piggy|''[[Live!]]'' April 18, 1996}}
RegisPiggyKiss.jpg|{{GNH|Regis Philbin & Miss Piggy|''[[Live!]]'' July 13, 1999}}
Kiss_Harry_Piekema.jpg|{{GNH|Harry Piekema & Kermit|[[Muppet puppets (Albert Heijn)|Dutch commercial]]}}
Kiss amy poehler elmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Amy Poehler]] & Elmo|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4213]]}}
WWE-Raw-Kiss-Piggy-Hornswoggle-(2011-10-31).png|{{GNH|[[Hornswoggle|Dylan Postl]] & Miss Piggy|''[[WWE|WWE Raw SuperShow]]'' (2011)}}
Kiss-PropertyBrothers&CookieMonster-(2018).jpg|{{GNH|Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott & Cookie Monster|''Licensing Expo, Mandalay Bay Convention Center'' (2018)}}
Juliet kisses Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Juliet Prowse]] & Kermit the Frog|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 101: Juliet Prowse|episode 101]]}}
Kiss prowse closing.jpg|{{GNH|[[Juliet Prowse]] & Kermit the Frog|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 101: Juliet Prowse|episode 101]]}}
TV-Total-Elmo-StefanRaab-Kiss2(2015-10-05).png|{{GNH|[[International Elmo#germany2|Elmo]] & [[Stefan Raab]]|''[[TV Total]]'' show #2205}}
Traver Rains and Richie Rich and piggy.JPG|{{GNH|Heatherette founders Traver Rains, Richie Rich & Miss Piggy|The 2005 [[New York Fashion Week]]}}
Kiss Jean-Pierre Rampal and Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jean-Pierre Rampal]] & Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 510: Jean-Pierre Rampal|episode 510]]}}
Kiss-ENews-Giuliana&Elmo.jpg|{{GNH|Giuliana Rancic & Elmo|''[[E! News]]'', September 15, 2014}}
Danrather.jpg|{{GNH|[[Dan Rather]] & [[Kami]]|2005 [[Peabody Awards]]}}
Jordanreddout-RobinKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jordan Reddout]] & [[Robin the Frog]]|On the set of "[[Episode 114: Little Green Lie|Little Green Lie]]"}}
Kiss Helen Reddy Sopwith.jpg|{{GNH|[[Helen Reddy]] & [[Sopwith the Camel]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 313: Helen Reddy|episode 313]]}}
Kiss Lynn Redgrave Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lynn Redgrave]] & Kermit|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 323: Lynn Redgrave|episode 323]]}}
Kiss-Library.png|{{GNH|[[Alaina Reed]] ([[Olivia]]) & [[Frogs|a frog]]|''Sesame Street'' "[[At Your Library]]"}}
Kiss - Chris Reeve & Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Christopher Reeve]] & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 418: Christopher Reeve|episode 418]]}}
LEANN-RIMES-MISS-PIGGY.jpg|{{GNH|[[LeAnn Rimes]]|backstage at the ''[[CMA Awards]]''}}
Hamiltonpiggyritter.jpg|{{GNH|[[John Ritter]] & Miss Piggy|''[[The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show]]''<br>promotional photo}}
TheFantasticMissPiggyShow-JR-Kissfest01.png|{{GNH|John Ritter & Miss Piggy|''The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show''}}
TheFantasticMissPiggyShow-JR-Kissfest02.png|{{GNH|John Ritter & Miss Piggy|''The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show''}}
Kiss Julia Roberts Two-Headed.jpg|{{GNH|[[Julia Roberts]] & [[Two-Headed Monster]]|''[[The Rosie O'Donnell Show]]''}}
Kiss-smokey.jpg|{{GNH|[[Smokey Robinson]] & [[Vicki]]|''[[The Jim Henson Hour]]'' "[[Episode 107: Fitness|Fitness]]"}}
Gina Rodriguez kiss Elmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Gina Rodriguez]] & Elmo|Instagram @hereisgina}}
Kiss-ChristineRomans.jpg|{{GNH|Christine Romans & Elmo|[[CNN|CNN's ''Smart Is the New Rich'']]}}
Qvc mally roncal gonzo hypnotism 2.jpg|{{GNH|Mally Roncal and <s>Gonzo</s> Rizzo|[[QVC]], March 16, 2014}}
Kermit_linda_kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Linda Ronstadt]] & Kermit the Frog|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 523: Linda Ronstadt|episode 523]]}}
523-22.jpg|{{GNH|Linda Ronstadt & Kermit the Frog|''The Muppet Show'' episode 523}}
TheJonathanRossShow-Kiss-Piggy&JonathanRoss-(2012-01-25).png|{{GNH|Jonathan Ross & Miss Piggy|''[[The Jonathan Ross Show]]'' in 2012}}
KerriKiss.png|{{GNH|[[Keri Russell]] & [[Bert]] and [[Ernie]]|''[[CinderElmo]]''}}
KerriKiss02.jpg|{{GNH|[[Keri Russell]] & Elmo|''[[CinderElmo]]''}}
kiss Buffy Fred Cripple Creek.jpg|{{GNH|[[Buffy Sainte-Marie]] ([[Buffy]]) & [[Fred the Wonder Horse]]|"[[Cripple Creek]]"}}
TheMuppets-UK-Premiere-Kiss-Kermit&GeorgiaSalpa.jpg|{{GNH|Georgia Salpa & Kermit|''[[The Muppets (2011)|The Muppets]]'' premiere, [[United Kingdom|UK]]}}
Salenger-Grover1.jpg|{{GNH|[[Meredith Salenger]] & Grover|''[[Sesame Street]]''}}
Salenger-Oscar.jpg|{{GNH|Meredith Salenger & Oscar|''[[Sesame Street]]''}}
Kiss-Sandler.jpg|{{GNH|[[Adam Sandler]] & [[Mr. Dragon]]|"[[A Song About Elmo]]"}}
Diane_Sawyer_kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Diane Sawyer]] & Elmo|2004 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala|Sesame Gala]]}}
kiss Leo Sayer Piggy Tonight Show.jpg|{{GNH|[[Leo Sayer]] & Miss Piggy|''[[The Tonight Show]]'' April 2, 1979}}
Kiss-LeviElmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Liev Schreiber]] & Elmo|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4264]]}}
Joel_Kill.jpg|{{GNH|[[Joel Schumacher]] & Elmo|2009 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala|Sesame Gala]]}}
Smothsonian-Kiss-Sam&WillardScott.jpg|{{GNH|[[Willard Scott]] & [[Sam (Sam and Friends)|Sam]]|[[The Smithsonian Institute]] in 2006}}
Nell Scovell - Snowths.jpg|{{GNH|[[Nell Scovell]] & [[the Snowths]]|on the set of ''[[The Muppets (2015)|The Muppets]]''}}
TF1-MuppetsTV-1.02-ElieSemoun-KermitKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Elie Semoun]] & Kermit the Frog|''[[Muppets TV]]'' [[Episode 102: Bob Sinclar & Elie Semoun|Episode 2]]}}
Sherri Shepherd 24 Oct 2011.jpg|{{GNH|[[Sherri Shepherd]] & Elmo|''[[The View]]'' October 24, 2011}}
Kiss brooke shields kermit tms-live.jpg|{{GNH|[[Brooke Shields]] & Kermit|''[[The Muppet Show Live]]''}}
LateNightWithJimmyFallon-MartinShort&Piggy-Kiss-(2011-11-16).png|{{GNH|[[Martin Short]] & Miss Piggy|''[[Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]]''}}
Shalom19l.jpg|{{GNH|Shoshana, Lemlem, & Grover|''[[Grover Learns Hebrew]]''}}
Aliciasilverstone-genesisawards.jpg|{{GNH|[[Alicia Silverstone]] & Kermit|The 2003 [[Genesis Awards]]}}
Kiss Kermit Emma Slater DwtS Oct 2017.png|{{GNH|Emma Slater & Kermit|''[[Dancing with the Stars]]'' promo, Oct 2017}}
BenFoldsFive-Kiss-RobertSledgeGoboFraggle.png|{{GNH|[[Ben Folds Five|Robert Sledge]] & [[Gobo Fraggle]]|behind the scenes of "[[Do It Anyway]]"}}
Kiss-GoboFraggle&BritishReporter.png|{{GNH|Gobo Fraggle & unidentified British reporter|''[[8:15 from Manchester]]'' (1990)}}
11093098_702193439889212_217473653_n.jpg|{{GNH|Sofy and Frog|[[Instagram]] @lollylardpop}}
Brendasongkermitkiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Brenda Song]] & Kermit|[[D23 Expo|D23 Expo 2019]]}}
Kiss-chefbrendasong.jpg|{{GNH|[[Brenda Song]] & [[The Swedish Chef]]|''[[Studio DC Hosted by Dylan and Cole Sprouse|Studio DC]]''}}
Kiss Lara Spencer Pepe.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lara Spencer]] & Pepe|''[[Good Morning America]]''}}
Kiss Spinney Emmys 2006.jpg|{{GNH|[[Caroll Spinney]] & [[Oscar the Grouch]]|2006 [[Daytime Emmy Awards]]}}
Debi kiss Big Bird Mr Rogers set.jpg|{{GNH|[[Debra Spinney]] & Big Bird|''[[Mister Rogers' Neighborhood]]'' set}}
Kiss jean stapleton kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jean Stapleton]] & Kermit|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 306: Jean Stapleton|episode 306]]}}
Kiss Jean Stapleton and Fozzie.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jean Stapleton]] & Fozzie|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 306: Jean Stapleton|episode 306]]}}
Kiss Connie Stevens Fozzie.jpg|{{GNH|[[Connie Stevens]] & Fozzie|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 102: Connie Stevens|episode 102]]}}
Kiss-elisastecca.jpg|{{GNH|Elisa Stecca & Kermit|''Os Muppets'' promotion}}
Sesamstrasse-WortDesTages-JuliaStinshoff.jpg|{{GNH|[[Julia Stinshoff]] & Elmo|''[[Sesamstrasse]]'' Wort des Tages}}
kiss Lindsey Stirling Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lindsey Stirling]] & Kermit|"[[Pure Imagination]]" music video}}
Qvc amy pepe kiss.jpg|{{GNH|Amy Stran and Pepe|[[QVC]], March 16, 2014}}
Kiss George Stroumboulopoulos Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[George Stroumboulopoulos]] & Piggy|''[[George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight]]''}}
Quentin_Tarantinokiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Quentin Tarantino]] & Miss Piggy|''[[The Muppets' Wizard of Oz]]'' [[Pepe's Extended Interview with Quentin Tarantino|bonus material]]}}
DisneyParksChristmasDayParade-Kiss-BellaThorne&Kermit&Zendaya-(2011).jpg|{{GNH|[[Bella Thorne]], Kermit & [[Zendaya]]|''[[Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade]]''}}
Kiss-LilyTomlin.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lily Tomlin]] & Kermit|''[[The Muppets Go to the Movies]]''}}
Tutu_kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Desmond Tutu]] & Kami|2004 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala|Sesame Gala]]}}
Kiss Twiggy Hillbilly.jpg|{{GNH|[[Twiggy]] & [[Hillbilly Singer]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 121: Twiggy|episode 121]]}}
Kiss big bird uggams.jpg|{{GNH|[[Leslie Uggams]] & [[Big Bird]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 318: Leslie Uggams|episode 318]]}}
FuseNews-KatieVanBuren&Floyd-Kiss-(2014-03-20).png|{{GNH|Katie Van Buren & [[Floyd Pepper]]|[[Fuse|Fuse News]]}}
FuseNews-KatieVanBuren&DrTeeth-Kiss-(2014-03-20).png|{{GNH|Katie Van Buren & [[Dr. Teeth]]|Fuse News}}
Kiss piggy Dick Van Dyke.jpg|{{GNH|[[Dick Van Dyke]] & Piggy|''[[The Muppets Go Hollywood]]''}}
Kiss Amy van Gilder and Fozzie.jpg|{{GNH|[[Amy Van Gilder]] & Fozzie|[[Jim Frawley's Camera Tests]]}}
Monique.jpg|{{GNH|[[Monique van Vooren]] & [[Junior Gorg]]|''[[Life]]'' magazine}}
Kiss ben vereen hilda.jpg|{{GNH|[[Ben Vereen]] & [[Hilda]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 117: Ben Vereen|episode 117]]}}
Kiss-Leela.jpg|{{GNH|[[Nitya Vidyasagar]] ([[Leela]]) & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4181]]}}
Viera-kiss-Linny.jpg|{{GNH|[[Meredith Vieira]] & [[The Muppets Take Over Today#After the half hour|Linny Muppet]]|''[[The Muppets Take Over Today]]'', November 13, 2008}}
Kiss-Vieira.jpg|{{GNH|Meredith Vieira & Elmo|''Today'', November 6, 2009}}
Fozzie_nancy_kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Nancy Walker]] & [[Fozzie Bear]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 206: Nancy Walker|episode 206]]}}
Babswalter.JPG|{{GNH|[[Barbara Walters]] & Elmo|2005 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala|Sesame Gala]]}}
Kiss_doglion_warren.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lesley Ann Warren]] & [[Doglion]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 315: Lesley Ann Warren|episode 315]]}}
Kiss_link_warren.jpg|{{GNH|Lesley Ann Warren & [[Link Hogthrob]]|''The Muppet Show'' episode 315}}
Eskimo kiss - Raquel Welch & Fozzie.jpg|{{GNH|[[Raquel Welch]] & Fozzie|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 311: Raquel Welch|episode 311]]}}
Kiss - Raquel Welch & Scooter.jpg|{{GNH|[[Raquel Welch]] & Scooter|''The Muppet Show'' episode 311}}
Ming-Na Wen kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Ming-Na Wen]] & Kermit|''[[The Muppets (2015) promotion]]''}}
Vivienne Westwood kiss Miss Piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Vivienne Westwood]] & Miss Piggy|Westwood's YouTube channel}}
Betty_White_the_Red_Hot_Momma.JPG|{{GNH|[[Betty White]] & [[Elmo]]|''[[Today]]'' - May 3, 2010}}
TheMuppets-UK-Premiere-Kiss-VanessaWhite&Kermit.jpg|{{GNH|Vanessa White & Kermit|''[[The Muppets (2011)|The Muppets]]'' premiere, [[United Kingdom|UK]]}}
Kiss Olivia Wilde Elmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Olivia Wilde]] & Elmo|[[The Television Critics Association|HBO TCA reception]]}}
Kiss andy williams piggy.jpg|{{GNH|[[Andy Williams]] & Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 422: Andy Williams|episode 422]]}}
Kiss piggy Robbie Williams.jpg|{{GNH|[[Robbie Williams]] & Piggy|''[[Robbie Williams: One Night at the Palladium|One Night at the Palladium]]''}}
Williams_kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Vanessa Williams]] & Elmo|2005 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala|Sesame Gala]]}}
Elmo_WendyWilliamsKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Wendy Williams]] & Elmo|''[[The Wendy Williams Show]]''}}
Oprah_elmo_400.jpg|{{GNH|[[Oprah Winfrey]] & Elmo|[[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala#2004|2004 Sesame Workshop Gala]]}}
Mos oprah kiss.jpg|{{GNH|Oprah Winfrey & [[Moshe]]|2004 [[Annual Sesame Workshop Benefit Gala|Sesame Gala]]}}
Henry Winkler and Jim Henson.jpg|{{GNH|[[Henry Winkler]] & Kermit|National Council for Children and Television (Jim Henson received the Career Achievement Award) March 13, 1983}}
Winkler Kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Henry Winkler]], Michael Levitt & Piggy|''[[Hollywood Squares]]''}}
NeoParadise-Kiss-Joko&Piggy-(2012-01-26).png|{{GNH|[[Joko Winterscheidt]] & Miss Piggy|''[[neoParadise]]'' (''[[Die Muppets (film)|Die Muppets]]'' promotion)}}
==Muppets & Animals==
==Muppets & Animals==
Line 407: Line 49:
Kiss-Abby.jpg|{{GNH|A kid & [[Abby Cadabby]]|"[[Kids with Wings]]"}}
Kiss-Abby.jpg|{{GNH|A kid & [[Abby Cadabby]]|"[[Kids with Wings]]"}}
kiss Tonton and kids.jpg|{{GNH|Kids & [[Tonton]]}}
kiss Tonton and kids.jpg|{{GNH|Kids & [[Tonton]]}}
==Muppets & Muppets==
<gallery widths="200" spacing="small" orientation="square">
Kiss_Abby_Oscar_4173.jpg|{{GNH|[[Abby Cadabby]] & [[Oscar the Grouch|Oscar]]|''[[Sesame Street]]'' [[Episode 4173]]}}
4157d.jpg|{{GNH|Abby Cadabby & [[Elmo]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4157]]}}
Elmo&Abby-BooBooKisses.jpg|{{GNH|Abby Cadabby & Elmo|[[Elmo and Abby Cadabby#apologies|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kiss-Elmo_and_Abby_Valentine__s_Day_Song.png|{{GNH|Abby and Elmo|"[[Valentine's Day Song]]"}}
Kiss Alexander Beetle and Whatnot.jpg|{{GNH|[[Alexander Beetle]] & a [[Whatnots|Whatnot]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 509: Debbie Harry|episode 509]]}}
Kiss-Otters.jpg|{{GNH|[[Alice Otter|Alice]] & [[Emmet Otter]]|''[[Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas]]''}}
Kiss Amanda Conrad Love.jpg|{{GNH|[[Amanda]] & Narrator|''[[The Ed Sullivan Show]]''}}
Kiss-AmeliaKuhhart&Samson-Sesamstrasse-(2007).png|{{GNH|[[Amelia Kuhhart]] & [[Samson]]|''[[Sesamstrasse]]'' [[Folge 2389]]}}
0011-Kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Anything Muppets|Anything Muppet]] siblings|''Sesame Street'' "[[Father (Mother and Children) Song|Children Song]]"}}
Kiss-appleby-statwal.jpg|{{GNH|[[Mrs. Appleby]] & [[Statler and Waldorf]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 406: Linda Lavin|episode 406]]}}
Kiss Aretha Kermit BBC1.jpg|{{GNH|[[Aretha]] & Kermit|''Muppets Tonight'' [[BBC]]1 promo}}
4073j.jpg|{{GNH|[[Baby Bear]] & [[Curly Bear]]|''[[Sesame Street]]'' [[Episode 4073]]}}
Kiss-Natasha.jpg|{{GNH|[[Baby Natasha]] & [[Humphrey]]|''Sesame Street'' [[:Image:HumphreyNatasha-GO.jpg|sketch]]}}
Kiss Humphrey Natasha's Lullabye.jpg|{{GNH|Baby Natasha & Humphrey|"[[Natasha's Lullabye]]"}}
kiss natasha humphrey 25 years.jpg|{{GNH|Baby Natasha & Humphrey|''[[Sesame Street: 25 Wonderful Years]]''}}
SesameStreet-NatashaKissesOscarAsTheCountCounts.jpg|{{GNH|[[Baby Natasha]] & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 3473]]}}
Kiss beaker chef muppisode 01.jpg|{{GNH|[[Beaker]] & [[The Swedish Chef|Swedish Chef]]|[[Muppisode]] "Food Fight" (extended)}}
Kiss Bear Ojo ep123.jpg|{{GNH|[[Bear]] & [[Ojo]]|"[[Episode 123: Need a Little Help Today|Need a Little Help Today]]"}}
Bearojokiss-409.JPG|{{GNH|Bear & Ojo|"[[Episode 409: History, Herstory, Bearstory|History, Herstory, Bearstory]]"}}
Bearojokiss.JPG|{{GNH|Bear & Ojo|"[[Episode 418: To Clean or Not to Clean|To Clean or Not to Clean]]"}}
B&EMonsterKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Beautiful Day Monster]] & [[Ernie]]|[[Ernie and Bert Sketches: Apartment#monsterkiss|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kiss AM Benny.jpg|{{GNH|[[Anything Muppets|AM]] & [[Benny Rabbit]]|"[[Don't Touch Me]]"}}
Kiss-BertBL.jpg|{{GNH|[[Bert]] & [[Betty Lou]]|[[Ice_Follies_sketches#bertbettylou|Ice Follies sketch]]}}
Bert kiss Sleeping Beauty.jpg|{{GNH|[[Bert]] & [[Sleeping Beauty]]|[[Ernie_and_Bert_Sketches:_Expeditions#sleepingbeauty|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kiss_ernie_frog_bert_prince.jpg|{{GNH|[[International Bert#germany4|Bert]] & [[International Ernie#germany5|Ernie]]|''[[Ernie & Bert Märchensongs]]''}}
Sesamstrasse-Märchensongs-BeautyAndTheBeast-E&B-Kiss.png|{{GNH|Bert & Ernie|''Ernie & Bert Märchensongs''}}
Kiss-Ernie&Bert-UnsereGeschichte-AlsDieSesamstaßeNachDeutschlandKam-(2012-2013).png|{{GNH|Bert & Ernie|''[[Als die Sesamstrasse nach Deutschland kam]]'' documentary}}
Kiss-BLHerry.jpg|{{GNH|Betty Lou & [[Herry Monster]]|''Sesame Street'' sketch}}
Kiss_big_bird_cap_veg.jpg|{{GNH|Big Bird & [[Captain Vegetable (character)|Captain Vegetable]]|"[[Everyone Makes Mistakes (song)|Everyone Makes Mistakes]]"}}
SesameStreet-MuppetKiss-BigBird&Ernie.jpg|{{GNH|[[Big Bird]] & [[Ernie]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 0131]]}}
Kiss billy sue mike douglas.jpg|{{GNH|[[Billy and Sue]]|''[[The Mike Douglas Show]]''}}
Kiss_bobo_kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Bobo the Bear]] & [[Kermit the Frog]]|''[[The Case of the Stolen Show]]''}}
BooberWembleyKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Boober Fraggle|Boober]] & [[Wembley Fraggle|Wembley]]|''Fraggle Rock'' "[[Episode 313: Scared Silly|Scared Silly]]"}}
Kiss-DogCat.jpg|{{GNH|[[Cat]] & [[dogs|Dog]]|''[[Sesame Street English]]''}}
Kiss CatHat McBird.jpg|{{GNH|[[The Cat in the Hat]] & [[Terrence McBird]]|"[[Episode 218: Walkin' with the Cat|Walkin' with the Cat]]"}}
Kiss_clifford_extreme.jpg|{{GNH|[[Clifford]] & [[The Extremes|an Extreme]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 101: Michelle Pfeiffer|episode 101]]}}
Kiss_Composta_Heap_Van_Neuter.jpg|{{GNH|[[Composta Heap]] & [[Dr. Phil van Neuter|Phil van Neuter]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 104: John Goodman|episode 104]]}}
Kiss-Constantine.png|{{GNH|[[Constantine]] & [[Miss Piggy]]|''[[Muppets Most Wanted]]'' promo}}
Kiss Piggy Constantine outtake.jpg|{{GNH|Constantine & Piggy|''Muppets Most Wanted'' [[Muppet bloopers|blooper reel]]}}
CookieCowKiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Cookie Monster]] & [[Cows|a cow]]|[[Monsterpiece Theater#horsewhisperer|Monsterpiece Theater]]}}
Kiss-ErnieCookie.jpg|{{GNH|Cookie Monster & Ernie|[[Ernie and Bert Sketches: Apartment#milkcookies|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kiss-CookieErnie.jpg|{{GNH|Cookie Monster & Ernie|[[Cookie Monster and Ernie#fortune|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
kiss Cookie Monster Mom letter day B.jpg|{{GNH|Cookie Monster & [[Cookie Monster's Mommy|his mommy]]|[[The_Letter_of_the_Day#33b|The Letter of the Day: B]]}}
Kiss Cookie Little Bird.jpg|{{GNH|Cookie Monster & [[Little Bird]]|[[Cookie_Monster_Sketches:_Miscellaneous#nexttolittlebird|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kissing-cookie-prairie.jpg|{{GNH|Cookie Monster & [[Prairie Dawn]]|[[The_Letter_of_the_Day#35c|The Letter of the Day: C]]}}
Kiss cookie slimey 4090.jpg|{{GNH|Cookie Monster & [[Slimey]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4090]]}}
0953 kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Count von Count|The Count]] and [[The Countess]]|[[Episode 0953]]}}
kiss count countess love call.jpg|{{GNH|[[Count von Count|The Count]] and [[The Countess]]|"[[Transylvania Love Call]]"}}
kiss Chip whatnot MT201.jpg|{{GNH|[[Chip]] & a whatnot|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 201: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince|episode 201]]}}
Kiss-ElmoCurly.jpg|{{GNH|[[Curly Bear]] & Elmo|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4264]]}}
Kiss-hog-spam105.jpg|{{GNH|[[David Hoggselhoff]] & [[Spamela Hamderson]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 105: Cindy Crawford|episode 105]]}}
Kiss-Dogs.jpg|{{GNH|[[Dogs]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 501: Gene Kelly|episode 501]]}}
Kiss-ElmoBBS.png|{{GNH|Elmo & [[Big Bird]] & [[Mr. Snuffleupagus|Snuffy]]|''Sesame Street''}}
Kiss-ElmoCookie.jpg|{{GNH|Elmo & Cookie Monster|''[[The Street We Live On]]''}}
TMGTTM-ActNaturally-Kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Floyd Pepper|Floyd]] & [[Janice]]|''[[The Muppets Go to the Movies]]''}}
Kiss kermit fozzie tms206.jpg|{{GNH|Fozzie & Kermit|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 206: Nancy Walker|episode 206]]}}
Kiss kermit fozzie tms303.jpg|{{GNH|Fozzie & Kermit|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 303: Roy Clark|episode 303]]}}
Kiss-FurgusFunella.png|{{GNH|[[Furgus]] & [[Funella]]|''[[The Furchester Hotel]]'' "[[Episode 209: A Very Dull Birthday|A Very Dull Birthday]]"}}
MMW Gonzo kiss Camilla.png|{{GNH|[[Gonzo]] & [[Camilla the Chicken]]|''[[Muppets Most Wanted]]''}}
Kiss Gonzo Piggy TMS323.jpg|{{GNH|Gonzo & Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 323: Lynn Redgrave|episode 323]]}}
Kiss duck gonzo tms511.jpg|{{GNH|[[Gonzo]] & [[Ducks|a duck]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 511: Paul Simon|episode 511]]}}
Kiss-gonzo-mabear.jpg|{{GNH|[[Gonzo]] and [[Ma Bear]]|''[[A Muppet Family Christmas]]''}}
SesameStreet-MuppetKiss-GrannyGrouch&Oscar.jpg|{{GNH|[[Granny Grouch]] & [[Oscar the Grouch|Oscar]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 0131]]}}
Kiss kermit sly fans.jpg|{{GNH|[[Groupies]] & Kermit|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 320: Sylvester Stallone|episode 320]]}}
Kiss-Birdsfoot.jpg|{{GNH|Grover & [[Herbert Birdsfoot]]|[[Herbert Birdsfoot#alphabet|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kiss-GroverMommy.jpg|{{GNH|Grover & [[Grover's Mommy|His Mommy]]|[[Grover Sketches: Miscellaneous#afraidofdark|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
KforKiss-Grover&Oscar.jpg|{{GNH|Grover & Oscar|[[Grover Sketches: Miscellaneous#oscarabc|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kiss-Cutie.jpg|{{GNH|Grover & Princess Cutie|"[[Beauty and the Beast|Cutie and the Beast]]" sketch}}
kiss - Herry and Tony.jpg|{{GNH|[[Herry Monster]] & [[Tony (Anything Muppet)|Tony]]|{{first|0197}}}}
Kiss-First.jpg|{{GNH|Herry Monster & First|''Sesame Street'' "[[First and Last (song)|First and Last]]"}}
Kiss-BlueHonkerElmo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Honkers|Honker]] & Elmo|''[[The Best of Elmo (video)|The Best of Elmo]]''}}
Kiss whatnots TMS510.jpg|{{GNH|[[Jacques]] & [[Jacques' Girlfriend|his girlfriend]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 510: Jean-Pierre Rampal|episode 510]]}}
TheMuppets-S01E10-Janice&Sam-Kiss.png|{{GNH|[[Janice]] & [[Sam the Eagle]]|''[[The Muppets (2015)|The Muppets]]'' "[[Episode 110: Single All the Way|Single All the Way]]"}}
Kiss Fiamas MT110.jpg|{{GNH|[[Johnny Fiama]] & [[Mama Fiama]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 110: Martin Short|episode 110]]}}
Kiss-KStory.jpg|{{GNH|Katie & [[King Kenny the Kind|King Kenny]]|''Sesame Street'' "[[Katie and the King]]"}}
Kiss_elmo_kermit_post_office.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & Elmo|[[Kermit Sketches: Miscellaneous#elmomail|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kiss-anniesuekermit-302.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & [[Annie Sue]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 302: Leo Sayer|episode 302]]}}
302_kermit_kisses_annie_sue.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & Annie Sue|''The Muppet Show'' episode 302}}
1967_ibm_film11.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & Beautiful Day Monster|[[IBM]] Meeting Film}}
KermtiCookieSmooch.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & Cookie Monster|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 0006]]}}
0044 Cookie Kermit kiss.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & Cookie Monster|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 0044]]}}
Kiss-Pirate.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & [[Girl Pirate]]|''[[Muppet Treasure Island (Muppet Sing Alongs)|Muppet Treasure Island Sing Along]]''}}
Kiss-howard-kermit.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & [[Howard Tubman]]|''[[It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie]]'' blooper}}
Kiss-Princess.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & Princess|''Sesame Street'' [[Sesame Street News Flash#chooseprince|News Flash sketch]]}}
Kiss kermit robin storybook5.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & Robin|[[Muppet_Babies_Video_Storybooks#Volume_5|Muppet Babies Video Storybook vol 5]]}}
Kiss Rowlf Kermit 1968.jpg|{{GNH|Kermit & [[Rowlf the Dog]]|''[[The Muppets on Puppets]]''}}
Kiss121-kingqueen.jpg|{{GNH|[[King Rupert the Second|King Rupert]] & [[The Queen]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 121: Twiggy|episode 121]]}}
Kiss-LeoLCM.jpg|{{GNH|[[Leo]] & [[Luncheon Counter Monster]]|[[Muppet Meeting Films|Muppet Meeting Film]] ("Leo and the Monster")}}
kiss Link Annie 512.jpg|{{GNH|[[Link Hogthrob]] & [[Annie Sue]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 512: Melissa Manchester|episode 512]]}}
Piggy link kissy kissy tms307.jpg|{{GNH|Link Hogthrob & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 307: Alice Cooper|episode 307]]}}
File:Kiss link piggy.jpg|{{GNH|Link Hogthrob & Miss Piggy|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 423: Carol Channing|episode 423]]}}
Kiss elmo little red.jpg|{{GNH|[[Little Red Riding Hood]] & Elmo|''[[Elmo and Abby's Birthday Fun!]]''}}
Kiss-Louise.jpg|{{GNH|[[Chickens|Louise]] & Rowlf|''[[Country Music with the Muppets]]''}}
Kiss lydia kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Lydia]] & Kermit|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 102: Connie Stevens|episode 102]]}}
Kiss-BadBart.jpg|{{GNH|[[Marshal Earp]] & [[Bad Bart]]|[[Old West sketches#surprise|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kiss-piggy-mink.jpg|{{GNH|[[Maureen the Mink]] & [[Miss Piggy]]|''[[A Muppet Family Christmas]]''}}
Kiss-Mimi.jpg|{{GNH|[[Mimi]] & [[Riff]]|''[[The Ghost of Faffner Hall]]'' [[Episode 108: Improvised Music|episode 108]]}}
Kiss-piggyrobin.jpg|{{GNH|Miss Piggy & [[Robin the Frog|Robin]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 406: Linda Lavin|episode 406]]}}
kiss mokey oldest 112.jpg|{{GNH|Mokey & [[The World's Oldest Fraggle|World's Oldest Fraggle]]|''Fraggle Rock'' "[[Episode 112: The Finger of Light|The Finger of Light]]"}}
Kiss-boober-mokey.jpg|{{GNH|[[Mokey Fraggle]] & Boober|''A Muppet Family Christmas''}}
Mokey, Boober, his new hat and a kiss.png|{{GNH|[[Mokey Fraggle]] and [[Boober Fraggle]]}}
Kiss-Mokey_and_Boober_ Marooned.png|{{GNH|Mokey and Boober|"[[Episode 117: Marooned|Marooned]]"}}
Kiss Monster Trash Can Dance.jpg|{{GNH|monsters, boy & girl|''[[The Ed Sullivan Show]]''}}
Kiss-Monsters.jpg|{{GNH|[[AM Monsters|Monster siblings]]|''Sesame Street'' "[[The Tortellini Song]]"}}
Kiss Murray Matisse and Storybook.jpg|{{GNH|[[Murray Matisse]] & [[Storybook]]|[[Here is Your Life]]}}
1184 kiss Oscar Barkley.jpg|{{GNH|Oscar & [[Barkley]]|[[Episode 1184]]}}
4517i.png|{{GNH|Oscar & Elmo|[[Episode 4517]]}}
Kiss oscar sleeping grouchy.jpg|{{GNH|Oscar & [[Grundgetta]]|[[Sleeping Beauty|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
3763h.jpg|{{GNH|Oscar & [[Grundgetta]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 3519]]}}
4124 kiss Oscar Slimey.jpg|{{GNH|Oscar & [[Slimey]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4124]]}}
Kiss Oscar Rufus 0084.jpg|{{GNH|Oscar & [[Rufus]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 0084]]}}
GP-Kiss01.jpg|{{GNH|[[Pa Gorg]] and [[Junior Gorg]]|''Fraggle Rock'' "[[Episode 120: The Garden Plot|The Garden Plot]]"}}
Kiss-Penguins.png|{{GNH|[[Penguins]]|"[[Elmo the Musical#plane|Airplane the Musical]]"}}
Pepe kisses Seymour's bum MT201.gif|{{GNH|[[Pepe the King Prawn]] & [[Seymour]]|''[[Muppets Tonight]]'' [[Episode 201: The Artist Formerly Known as Prince|episode 201]]}}
Kiss-Topo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Pepe the King Prawn]] & [[Topo Sticky]]|[[DXD]] video}}
Kiss-Pferd&Finchen-UnsereGeschichte-AlsDieSesamstaßeNachDeutschlandKam-(2012-2013).png|{{GNH|[[Pferd]] & [[Finchen]]|''[[Als die Sesamstrasse nach Deutschland kam]]'' documentary}}
Sesamstraße-präsentiert-Eine-Möhre-für-Zwei-Marie-(Kiss).jpg|{{GNH|[[Pferd]] & [[Marie]]|[[Eine Möhre für Zwei]] episode ''Marie''}}
Kiss-Prince-Oscar.jpg|{{GNH|Prince Charming & Oscar|''Sesame Street''}}
Kiss MTI rats.jpg|{{GNH|[[Rats]]|''[[Muppet Treasure Island]]''}}
Kiss-GoboRed.jpg|{{GNH|[[Red Fraggle|Red]] & [[Gobo Fraggle|Gobo]]|''Fraggle Rock'' "[[Episode 103: Let the Water Run|Let the Water Run]]"}}
Kiss-Rizzo.jpg|{{GNH|[[Rizzo the Rat]] and Gonzo|''[[The Muppet Christmas Carol]]''}}
Kiss_Clifford_Rizzo.jpg|{{GNH|Rizzo & [[Clifford]]|''Muppets Tonight'' [[Episode 206: Paula Abdul|episode 206]]}}
2888-kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Rosita]] & Anything Muppet woman|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 2888]]}}
Kiss-Rosita&Elmo-ElmoSavesChristmas-(1996).jpg|{{GNH|[[Rosita]] & Elmo|''[[Elmo Saves Christmas (special)|Elmo Saves Christmas]]''}}
Kiss_rosita_elmo_dr.jpg‎|{{GNH|Rosita & Elmo|''[[Elmo Visits the Doctor]]''}}
Rosita kiss frog 4048.jpg|{{GNH|Rosita & [[Froggy]]|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 4048]]}}
GroverRositaKiss.jpg|{{GNH|Rosita & [[Grover]]|[[Grover Sketches: Miscellaneous#15love|''Sesame Street'' sketch]]}}
Kiss Rosita Herry.jpg|{{GNH|Rosita & Herry Monster}}
3332-OscarRositaKiss.jpg|{{GNH|Rosita & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 3332]]}}
Kiss Rosita Telly.jpg|{{GNH|Rosita & Telly}}
kiss telly rosita 3833.jpg|{{GNH|Rosita & Telly|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 3833]]}}
Rowlf kiss Kermit Sesame pitch reel.gif|{{GNH|Rowlf & Kermit|[[Sesame Street Pitch Reel]]}}
Kiss-rugby-apple.jpg|{{GNH|[[Rugby]] & [[Apple]]|''[[The Christmas Toy]]''}}
kiss Rugby and Bratty Rat.jpg|{{GNH|Rugby & [[Bratty Rat]]|"[[Episode 103: I'm Going to Tell... / The Cat Toy that Roared|I'm Going to Tell...]]"}}
Kiss-Raisin_and_Rugby.png|{{GNH|Rugby & [[Raisin]]|''[[The Secret Life of Toys]]''}}
Kiss Bear Shadow xmas.jpg|{{GNH|[[Shadow]] & Bear|"[[Episode 326: A Berry Bear Christmas (2)|A Berry Bear Christmas]]"}}
Kiss-scooter-kermit.jpg|{{GNH|[[Scooter]] & Kermit|''[[The Muppets (2011)|The Muppets]]'' [[Muppet bloopers|blooper]]}}
Kiss_chef_turkey.jpg|{{GNH|[[The Swedish Chef]] & a [[Turkey (The Muppet Show)|turkey]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 408: Arlo Guthrie|episode 408]]}}
Kiss-Chef.jpg|{{GNH|The Swedish Chef & a [[Chickens|chicken]]|''[[The Muppets (2011)|The Muppets]]''}}
ChildrensSongsAndStories-Scooter&ChefKiss05.jpg|{{GNH|The Swedish Chef & Scooter|''[[Children's Songs and Stories]]''}}
Kiss-Shrimpy.jpg|{{GNH|The Swedish Chef & a shrimp|"[[Popcorn]]" [[Muppet viral videos|viral video]]}}
Kiss-Tablecloth.jpg|{{GNH|Tablecloth & [[Maurice (Anything Muppet)|Maurice]]|''Sesame Street'' "[[I Want to Hold Your Ear]]"}}
Kiss Tattypoo rats.jpg|{{GNH|[[Tattypoo]] & [[rats]]|''[[The Muppets' Wizard of Oz]]''}}
3244-04.jpg|{{GNH|Telly & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 3244]]}}
2781j.jpg|{{GNH|Telly & Oscar|''Sesame Street'' [[Episode 2781]]}}
Kiss-Snue.jpg|{{GNH|Uncle Docks and Bocks & [[Sue Snue]]|''[[The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss|Wubbulous World]]'' "[[Episode 102: Who Are You, Sue Snue?|Who Are You, Sue Snue?]]"}}
TheMuppets-(2011)-Wayne&Wanda-Kiss.jpg|{{GNH|[[Wayne and Wanda]]|''[[The Muppets (2011)|The Muppets]]''}}
kiss Somethings Missing.jpg|{{GNH|[[Whatnots]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 213: Rudolf Nureyev|episode 213]]}}
Kiss-Whatnots.jpg|{{GNH|[[Whatnots]]|''[[It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie]]''}}
Kiss lady baby tms408.jpg|{{GNH|Whatnot lady & [[The Babies|Baby]]|''The Muppet Show'' [[Episode 408: Arlo Guthrie|episode 408]]}}
Kiss-MrsZ.jpg|{{GNH|[[Mrs. Zabarelli]] & [[Annie DeLoo]]|''Wubbulous World'' "[[Episode 108: Mrs. Zabarelli's Holiday Baton|Mrs. Zabarelli's Holiday Baton]]"}}
BunsenKissCheek.jpg|{{GNH|[[Dr. Bunsen Honeydew]] & [[Beaker]]|[[The Muppets Take the O2]]}}
Line 632: Line 118:
[[File:3324f.jpg|thumb|[[Episode 3324]]]]
[[File:3324f.jpg|thumb|[[Episode 3324]]]]
* [[Many Kisses Elmo]]
* [[Many Kisses Elmo]]

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