Klaus Dittmann (1939-2016) was a German voice actor who voice directed the German dub of Dog City. He also dubbed Bugsy Vile.

Based out of Hamburg, Dittmann dubbed Rodney Dangerfield in Natural Born Killers, Michael Gambon in Amazing Grace and Emma, Jon Polito in Big Nothing, Burt Lancaster in The Leopard, and Eddie Jones as Pa Kent on Lois & Clark (which he also voice directed). He voiced the title role on the Beetlejuice cartoon series, Cyril Sneer on The Raccoons, and various roles on Batman: The Animated Series (mostly heavies, including Bane and Rhino).

On camera, Dittmann appeared on the 1978 Heidi series, Tatort, and Großstadtrevier. The bulk of his work was for audiobooks (including Capt'n Roger in Lego cassettes) and video games. His work in the latter category includes Escape from Monkey Island, Tron 2.0 (CEO and others), The Longest Journey, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and various Command & Conquer entries.

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