Kochen mit Tim (Cooking with Tim) was a series of 13 segments produced in 2005 for the 33rd season of Sesamstrasse, the German co-production of Sesame Street.

In the segments, chef Tim Mälzer takes four kids out to discover where ingredients come from. The group then returns to the kitchen, where they use the ingredients in healthy recipes that are fun for children and adults to make together.

Picture Episode Description
Folge2326-9 2326 Tim bakes bread with some kids after they see how flour is made in a old windmill.
Folge2327-13 2327 Tim makes muffins with some kids.
Folge2328-11 2328 Tim bakes pumpkins with homemade butter with some kids.
Folge2329-11 2329 Tim makes tomato sauce and homemade pasta with some kids.
2330 Tim takes kids shopping for potatoes so they can make mashed potatoes.
2331 Tim and the kids buy various things in a Asian shop and back in the kitchen they make a rice dish.
2332 Tim and the kids visit a farm where they collect eggs. Back in the kitchen they use the eggs for a omelet.
2395 2333 Tim makes apple pancakes.
2335 Baked potatoes with homemade ketchup
2348 Tim takes the children out to a farm to get some fresh milk. Back in th ekitchen they use the milk to make milkshake.
2351 Tim and the kids make fish fillet with cornflakes.
Vegetables in Béchamel sauce