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Kristen Anderson-Lopez is a songwriter who has collaborated on a number of projects with her husband Bobby Lopez.

The pair wrote several songs for the fourth season of Bear in the Big Blue House, including "Clean Up the Truck", "The Wide, Wide World", and "Everything Is Great About the Library". They also wrote songs in 2019 for Muppets Live Another Day, a project developed for Disney+ that never went into production.

Appearing on NPR's "Ask Me Another", Anderson-Lopez described how she and her future husband were a couple before working together professionally:

He was writing these songs for Bear in the Big Blue House [audience applause] and he wanted a little help on it, and I was like, 'Okay, yes! Yes! I'm there!' I got on a bus across town and had a lyric for him when I showed up. Which he then ripped apart [laughing] and said we have to start again.[1]

Her other credits include Wonder Pets on Nickelodeon, Finding Nemo: The Musical, Disney's 2011 feature film Winnie the Pooh, and Disney's Frozen.


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