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KunstRAI is a convention that returns every year in RAI-Amsterdam, the large Convention Centre located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. KunstRAI Art Amsterdam is the longest running art fair for contemporary autonomous and applied art in the Netherlands: a public fair with over seventy quality galleries that reflect the diversity of the rich Dutch offer of contemporary art, applied art and design. Visitors will find autonomous painting, sculpture, photography and graphic art as well as contemporary glass, ceramics and jewelry of the highest quality.

In May of 2013, at the opening of the KunstRai in Amsterdam, an artwork displayed with the intent to shock, was displayed near the entrance. The exhibit depicts Sesamstraat character Pino lying dead on the ground with his intestines all over the pavement. This work is made by visual artist Bart Jansen who had previously made a flying helicopter out of his deceased cat. Jansen asserts a message of nature conservation, explaining, “A national park only counts when it’s threatened, by an oil leak or a highway. Now, the only bird of which we thought would never be threatened, is killed on the road verge of the advancing civilization.”[1]


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