LaVerne is Animal's mother, as seen in the book The Case of the Missing Mother. In her single appearance, she resembles an older, female version of Animal.

Formerly residing in a large house on Memory Lane, LaVerne moves and the change of address propels the plot, as Animal struggles to find his mother again. She also plays the drums and when finally discovered by Animal, she breaks a window apart with her bare hands to reach her offspring. The reunited pair perform a percussion duet as the final number in the Mother's Day show at The Muppet Theatre.

Animal gave a passionate tribute to his mother during a solo in the "Bohemian Rhapsody" viral video. In a 2010 promotional video, Animal called her to tell her that the Muppets were nominated for a Webby Award for their performance. Her voice could be heard over his cell phone. After they won, Animal appeared in another video to tell his mother the good news. He eventually figures out that it was just her voicemail talking to him.


  • The name "LaVerne" only appears in the 1983 edition of Case of the Missing Mother. In the 1984 book and record set, the character merely screams "Ahhh!" in place of her name. Richard Hunt supplied her voice on the record.
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